KonoSuba 2 – 08

If there were a town that could personify a character so well, this would likely be it. Aqua has found her true home.

“Sightseeing in this Pitiful City”

It’s hard to say exactly why anything happens the way it does in this series, beyond the comedic effects. Why do the birds just jump over Darkness instead of, ya know, ramming her? Whatever the reason, it’s a great take-down of the build up from the previous episode’s cliff-hanger. The action here is quite impressive as well, with some pretty fancy animation at times.

This group just breeds trouble in their wake. It’s an amazing parody of the main character syndrome you see all-too-commonly in other fantasy and adventure series. Trouble usually follows the main characters for the purpose of keeping a show interesting, while here it’s an obvious and acknowledged flaw in their very existence. Kazuma is not at all surprised either. We feel your pain man, but wouldn’t give up the circumstances for anything else. Now if Darkness draws weird birds, and Aqua draws the undead, what does Megumin attract? Yunyun, probably.

The hot springs town of Arcanretia, a hilarious amalgamation of fantasy name tropes, seems like a pretty nice place on the surface. Unfortunately it is fraught with the perils of cult conversion and oddly church-sponsored events. If there were a way for a town to personify a character so well, this would be it. Aqua and her antics are right at home here, and pretty much everyone is a slightly more creepy version of her. It seems like she could have a pretty reasonable religion if she just stuck to the water goddess and blessing stuff – but that’s not how you make the big bucks.

I knew it was coming. This innocent little girl couldn’t be so innocent. Everyone is a member. Yet it is just so fantastic to see Kazuma absolutely lose it on this little one. You can really only take so much solicitation. The gag is played up just enough so that this moment shines as the final punch-line of the episode. It’ll be interesting to see what Aqua and Megumin have been getting up to at the headquarters of the Axis cult. Nobody seems to be smart enough to realize that Aqua actually is the Aqua. She doesn’t seem to mind though, considering she is already an arch-priest.

Episode Score
8.3/10 (Very Good)

Summary: After a considerable amount of bird action the crew finally makes it to the wondrous hot springs town! Too bad it’s a living hell of Aqua cultists.

KonoSuba 2 - 08 - Enough of This

Extra thoughts:
– Repairing the most awkward piece of armor.
– Poor Whiz, constantly purified.
– Yunyun continues to try her best, and fails.
– Why would they live anywhere else?
– Oh no, Aqua’s version of Mormons.
– Every female in this series has great abs.
– Darkness gets lots of costume changes this episode.
– That statue is a sham.

Next time: “A Goddess for this Corrupt Hot Springs Town”

My dear friends, Funifura-san and Dodonko-san. About coming to visit, please don’t do it! I’m sure you’re busy, so don’t put yourselves out on my behalf. I’m actually pretty occupied myself, as well. Is it all right if you wait a bit before coming by? Please. Please, I beg for your patience. -Yunyun


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