Nyanko Days 08 & 09

The secret life of cats continues.

“The Cat’s Day 2”

TV is a simple activity with the potential to divide families and nations alike. The news has its moments, but sometimes you need an escape from reality, right? I probably don’t need to be asking someone reading a review of “anthropomorphic anime cats: the series” that now do I. You are probably escaping a little too much already. As for the antics of our feline friends, watching cats angry with each other is cute in its own way. Oh and they’re owner finally returns from what must have been the longest day of school in the history of 2-minute anime series.

“Her Name is Ran”

This episode actually has no cats in it. Well, that is unless you count the fanged feline-styled Ran – Azumi’s self-appointed rival. Of note here is that the gradient orange-blonde hair seems to be growing in popularity as of late. Gabriel DropOut for example has two characters with similar hair coloring. If it were a thing that reasonably existed in the same capacity in real life, I think it would look quite nice. Otherwise this episode is an odd commentary on the general unfairness of life. Some people work hard to be the best, others are naturally gifted. Some people just don’t care and live their lives with a collection of anthropomorphic cats.


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