Masamune-kun no Revenge 09

Neko’s story plays out to its end (that sounds morbid) and Masamune gets some new inspiration to carry on with his wicked plan – though he might be heading in the wrong direction.

“It’s Been Called Love and Affection”

It’s just so difficult to care about Neko. She essentially picked Masamune as a suitor from a hat and is really only interested in love as an experiment. Fortunately, her story isn’t really important for the sake of her character but rather for the development of Masamune. She is a kind of sad reflection of him, and if you can get past all the romance novel tropes that this series expertly piles upon her, you can see the potential future of Masamune’s plan. Remember the words of Han Solo, “women always figure out the truth.”  He seems sure that he is still going to succeed, but more likely than that his plan will fail in the most spectacularly romantic way possible.

The moment with Aki and her thoughts on rejection hold more weight than the rest of this episode combined – and Masamune pressed her on it! It is of course too soon for that to play out in such a straightforward way though, so they are interrupted. But it really should make Masamune think on Aki’s actions from when they were younger and how she actually feels.

What the heck is going on here at the end? We’ve clearly seen this likely rival in the opening built up as the main bad guy, but the circumstances are exceptionally strange. There is that moment earlier in the episode where a guy named Masamune asks Aki if she remembers the name Pig’s Foot, and she doesn’t put that together!? Does she think he just knows things about her past that no reasonable person should, and has the same name!? And who the heck knows about her love for chubby Masamune, looks just like him, is in love with her, and is kind of evil!? Whatever the case, she is impressively oblivious. As for the reveal that she loved the chubby Masamune, we of course all assumed as much. But for the reason that she loved him to be his chubbiness is just pure gold. His whole plan is predicated on the fact that he wasn’t hot enough. His mind is, in the words of Neko, shallow and empty.

Episode Score
8.9/10 (Very Good)

Summary: Neko lives on in loneliness, although her character is pretty much dead for this series. She does manage to re-inspire Masamune on her way out though.

Masamune-kun no Revenge - 09 - Thinking of Love

Extra thoughts:
– She really could be in the pond though.
– Did he just spill the beans!?
– Life isn’t a shoujo manga! … it’s an anime.
– People aren’t just “sick” or “have a condition.”
– We all knew, Futaba.
– Oh dear she loved chubby Masamune.
– Aki losing her cool is way too cute.
– Definitely going to hate this guy.


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