Princess Principal 03

If you’re going to be infiltrating an airship, I hope you brought your anti-gravity device. Oh, you did? Perfect. A parachute might still be recommended.

“case 2 Vice Voice”

Despite its continuing charm, this third episode is exactly what I was hoping wouldn’t happen in this series. It’s a problem-of-the-week mission that doesn’t really add much to the overall plot, and is simply to develop character independently. The best series can do both at the same time, as was seen in the first two episodes. But for what it sets out to be, this episode is still good. I can’t resist a Final Fantasy-style airship.

Ange, as in the one with the short grey hair and is actually the princess whom I will keep referring to as Ange, is a wonderful main character so far. She’s capable and smart, but not overpowered. Most of her abilities stem from the use of that cavorite material, and she’s not above being saved by a lesser character. Although the opening scenes between her and the (not) princess kind of paint her character with a different brush for a moment – a weaker, far less fun brush – the rest of the episode really continues to solidify her awesomeness. The deadpan reactions and looks of somehow neutral incredulity are just too much fun in a main character. Even with a cast of interesting side characters, she stands above.

The final moments of this episode add a lot to the character development that the rest of this outing didn’t offer much of at all. Beatrice, dark history and all, just really cares for the princess. If she were to list a few more things that she loves about her this could have ended up in an entirely different genre. The use of her mechanical voice box to deceive the soldiers is just perfect for spy work, and an interesting twist that I really should have expected after the reveal earlier in the episode. It’s those kinds of things that I look forward to in a series like this. If it can keep surprising me, while maintaining its charm, I’ll be hooked.

Episode Score
7.8/10 (Good)

Extra thoughts:

  • Two things that are annoying about this that really shouldn’t bother me as much as they do; the recap of the world history again, and the fact that the episode title is one number off from the actual episode number.
  • Of course the cute and innocent girl has the darkest past. Beatrice had a pretty messed up father.
  • Men are so easy.
  • Clearly Ange doesn’t need to wear pants to be a good spy. The outfit is both absolutely absurd and completely forgivable for how cool it looks.
  • Is it even worth mentioning that they were shooting at their own ship! And how did not even a single one of those thousand bullets hit her?
  • The ED is more appropriately cute after the heartwarming ending to this episode.

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