Princess Principal 04

If you know they’re always lying, what’s the point of asking anything at all? Turns out everybody has their secrets here. It’s finally time to get a bit more of the side characters!

“case9 Roaming Pigeons”

The twist of this episode is that Chise is a double agent for… somebody? I’m not even sure of all the countries in this alternate reality other than the fact London and apparently Moscow still exist. It’s good that this series is finally letting the side characters loose after a rather Charlotte/Ange heavy opening couple of episodes. Those two are the mains, but the others are each intriguing in their own right. These revelations about Chise and what appears to be some kind of cooperation with alternate universe Japan are a good twist on what was a seemingly one-dimensional character. You know, Chise is the foreigner ninja, Dorothy likes to drink, and Beatrice is cute and stupid – right?

The ability of this series to put a complete story in each episode and keep the whole thing connected as a greater arc is quite impressive. It means you’re guaranteed some kind of payoff, and these smaller jobs feel consequential to the greater plot. At some point, though, I assume the team will have to bear all of their secrets and focus on a common goal, but until then it’s all under wraps. I doubt any of the others will figure out the Charlotte/Ange switcheroo until near the end of this season (not sure how many episodes there will be).

The name that the group settles on in the final moments is decent enough. There were some far better ones brought up throughout the episode in some pretty cute and lighthearted moments. I quite liked Wildcat, for exactly the reasons Beatrice suggested. White Pigeons, or might as well just call them doves, is alright – in fact I’m not sure why the translation doesn’t just go with doves. Would that be a little too on-the-nose for flock of beautiful white girls?

Episode Score
8.2/10 (Very Good)

Princess Principal - 04 - Cute Spies

Extra thoughts:

  • So these episodes seem to be telling the story completely out-of-order. Not sure if it’s a good plan to pull a Haruhi on us.
  • The jazzy soundtrack by Kajiura Yuki certainly isn’t hurting this series.
  • Those dresses are absolutely killer. They might as well just wear them all the time, and they could get away with anything. I wouldn’t even care if I were being played. It is rather curious how they manage to change in and out of them on the fly though. That care doesn’t offer much coverage.
  • Ange is a total boss, turning off Beatrice’s voice-box when she’s screaming in the car.
  • Dorothy managed to seduce guards even on a boat she doesn’t belong on!? That’s some true charm right there.
  • Holy cow is this one suggestive angle for your foes when you defeat them…

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