Welcome to CloudedAnime! What does that even mean? Well, most of the time in reviews of subjective art mediums – anime, TV, movies, music, visual, and beyond – the purpose can get a little more than nebulous. The aim of this site is to add to that nebulousness. No kidding, huh? We don’t care what’s right or wrong, just whether it’s enjoyable or not and who it could be enjoyable for. We know that you’re not thinking the same thing as the person sitting next to you at all times. If you are, you’re a robot. Please don’t harm us. We understand that it can be fun to agree, and way more fun to disagree. This is is a place for that cloudy side of reviews.

Although anime is clearly part of the title of this site, we’re not holding it above all things geeky. You can probably assume what we’re in to – and all manner of things could come under discussion!

Current writers:
The totally average leader, Cloudy
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A message from our totally average Leader:

Isn’t the internet grand? Like, way too grand. Venti even? It’s just a fantastic place for opinions, creativity, and both self-assurance and self-doubt. I started this site for a simple purpose – to vent my reactions to new anime and other assorted media in a medium that could be scrutinized by the world. We all love a little attention. The real question is, how will the world respond? I want to hear your thoughts, feelings, musings, and all manner of criticism that you have available. It’s a free world ( although free can be rather expensive sometimes…)!  Do you feel strongly about something you want me to post about? I’m not above taking requests! Do you think my work is a waste of time? Please keep that one bottled up. Either way, I look forward to reviewing, discussing, and making new anime-loving connections through this site! ” -Cloudy