Dragon Ball Super 100

One hundred episodes. It’s really nothing for a Dragon Ball series if you look at its history, but it’s still quite a milestone. With some new and exciting super saiyans, there is still a bit of life here.

“Out of Control! The Savage Berserker Awakens!!”

The fact that this show is still airing is both unbelievable yet completely reasonable. It is an oxymoron that combines horrible quality and the need for 90’s nostalgia. It’s like a never-ending summer blockbuster of stupid fun. So far there isn’t quite a lot of praise I can give to this series beyond the occasional well-timed comedy a bit of character development. The major arcs have been rather inconsequential and super predictable. Despite all of this, I can’t deny that I care about what happens to these characters and what becomes of their lives. Not only that, but some of the new characters are also growing quickly in to possible mainstays. That is as long as all of their universe aren’t eliminated for good come the end of the current arc (they won’t).

No matter what happens, Caulifla is the MVP of this arc already. Her fight scenes are interesting even when it’s just for the sake of never having a female super saiyan to watch kick butt before. She’s full of energy and is no fool, although her understanding of super saiyan 2 could use some work. The best moment here has to be when she looks to take on Goku while he is fighting some teleporting guy and just straight up kicks him off the stage! The interactions with Goku are super cute, as Caulifla just wants to learn how to be a better super saiyan. Of course Goku humors her, because he loves the chance at a more balanced fight (because he’s an idiot). She also knows exactly how to get Kale to transform, and it works beautifully here.

The Kale transformation is what really amps up the interest in this episode. Sure, it’s not the first time we’ve seen it, but this time it really hits hard. Despite this being a flat and supposedly indestructible arena, there are an impressive amount of rock formations laying around. Probably for the best, though, because otherwise there isn’t much to keep people on the field. The green energy is an interesting touch again, bringing up the non-canon Broly nostalgia, and Vegeta seems to think it is the ‘true’ saiyan form. It is definitely the closest to the saiyan giant ape form we’ve seen in a very long time – with about the same amount of control over that power as well. It turns out to be a pretty cool sequence with the explosion of power affecting pretty much every competitor, but that puts a pretty big target on Kale’s back. She gets defeated quite easily by the calm Jiren, setting up the Pride Troopers as next week’s targets of interest.

Episode Score
8.0/10 (Very Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 100 - Kale vs Goku

Extra thoughts:

  • The jump in style and quality is really strange after just watching the new episode of Game of Thrones. At least this has more colors than just grey and brown.
  • That Cabba double-knockout of some no-names was just fantastic.
  • Hulk smash. Pretty much what everybody is thinking as Kale swings Goku around.
  • Again, why do these saiyans from Universe 6 not have tails?
  • You never want to be the biggest threat, as that also makes you the biggest target.
  • This tournament is managing the useless or boring universes quite well by having them be the victims of side-battles and collateral damage. It’s a great way to keep the main characters focused on the important fights.
  • The image from next week for Caulifla is super hype.

Next time: “The Impending Warriors of Justice! The Pride Troopers!!”


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