Made in Abyss 03

Would you go on an adventure to find answers, even if it meant you could never return? It’s a tough choice, but with the right friends to support you on your journey it doesn’t have to be so hard.


Although this episode mostly drags out the act of leaving for the Abyss, it holds an appropriate amount of emotional weight between each of these characters that have been built as a team. After this departure, it’s really just Riko and Reg left – Nat, Shiggy, and that weird baby will be pretty much out of the picture. Thanks to the curse of the abyss, the strange circumstances of ascending from it, it’s unlikely that Riko will ever be able to return from this journey. That’s some heavy stuff for a bunch of twelve year-olds. It’s made so obvious that Nat really likes Riko, and their tearful goodbye really hits hard.

The other highlights of this episode are Reg’s first (and last I suppose) cave raiding trip, and all of the information given to us from Riko’s mother and Shiggy. Reg finding the useless squishy relics is pretty cute. Why are they so squishy? We’ll probably never know. There is some real mystery in the creepy skeletons all in the position of praying. What could have happened that every single person from that era died in the abyss while praying? That’s pretty dark, just like a lot of the rest of this series’ themes. With the explanation of each level of the abyss we get a clearer picture of what the series has in store for us going forward. I sure hope Reg is all powered-up with his extendo-arms and hand cannon.

The success of this series so far really is in the details. Not only is the story intriguing and full of life, but so is the world it takes place in. The amount of visual detail in the backgrounds and scenery is so striking that it really makes you wonder how a show can look like this while other series can just repeat blocky, blurred-out high school classrooms or just dark swirling clouds for every episode. Some of the backgrounds as the kids descend through the wharf district are just insane, with more to them than entire episodes of other shows. With this visual style upheld over the first few episodes, it really excites me to think of what might be coming next.

Episode Score
9.1/10 (Amazing)

Extra thoughts:

  • The map of the netherworld is beautifully designed. If I can’t get a poster of it by the time this series is complete, then there is something wrong with this world.
  • There really is no good time to bring up the whole “your mother is dead” thing, no matter how true it might be.
  • There are some insane sounding monsters in the abyss. Can’t wait to see the animation for them.
  • Ha! Reg totally believed the story about the kids on their birthdays looking in the mirror.
  • So what exactly did Reg have in his pack? A message from Leader, perhaps?

Next time: “The Edge of the Abyss”

Made in Abyss - 03 - Next Time

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