Made in Abyss 02

Riko is determined as ever to dive to the deepest parts of the abyss in search of relics and beyond after the return of an ornate white whistle and some intriguing documents.

“Resurrection Festival”

In an attempt to figure out more about Reg, Riko does a lot of, how should we say, ‘hands on’ research. She probed his butt with a measuring stick and it broke off in there! Was he asleep or something while she was doing all this crazy stuff? Either way, it’s a hilarious way to explain some of the abilities of our robot friend. So with his extreme rarity the usual necessity to keep his origin secret in fear of government experimentation arises, so he just shows up as a strangely modified orphan. Somehow that manages to fly, so I really do have to commend Riko and Nat with the impressive detail in the backstory.

Not only do we get a bit more information on Reg this episode, Riko’s backstory is fleshed out even further with the history of her mother and the White Whistles. All of the whistle types, from red and blue to black and white, are explained in a wonderful little show at the resurrection festival. The orphanage even sells replicas of Lyza the Annihilator’s intricate white whistle – and she also happens to be Riko’s mother. The timing is also rather perfect for the return of Riko’s uncle, bearing the original whistle of Lyza and a sealed document. We’re meant to expect a letter for most of the episode, but it turns out to be so much more. The documents detail a number of never-before-seen creatures from deep in the abyss, including our robotic friend Reg! Still seems kind of strange they haven’t caught on to his questionable existence yet, right? With those documents though is one short note – “at the netherworld’s bottom, I’ll be waiting.” I think we have quite the adventure ahead of us.

With the characters shining, the story really taking off, and the workings of the world already quite detailed, Made in Abyss is just amazing after only two episodes. The quality of the art and animation, and the direction of it all, is so beautiful there really isn’t much to compare it to recently. It’s all kind of beyond what you might expect from a normal TV series nowadays. Even though it is modern animation, there’s still something that feels so classic and hand-painted about it. Perhaps it’s the setting and themes that helps, and that it doesn’t fit any of the molds of current anime genres and tropes that have become so watered down. What I’m saying is… thank the abyss the main character isn’t trapped in this world with a smart phone.

Episode Score
9.2/10 (Amazing)

Made in Abyss - 02 - Got It

Extra thoughts:

  • The more standard anime OP seen here is quite well done, with some really intriguing moments. When Riko awkwardly jumps on to Reg’s face and he blushes there is just so much life and energy present between the two characters.
  • She actually got strung up naked!!
  • “Riko Bombs” are not as dangerous as one would expect, I hope.
  • She clearly doesn’t have that complex a personality, right? Don’t worry, Reg will just ask her.
  • So it turns out that Riko is also technically made in the abyss.
  • All of the shyness Reg shows when interacting with Riko is so cute. If there is a romance I’m rooting for this season, this is it.
  • This series continues the season’s trend of spontaneously cute ED’s.

Next time: “Departure”

Made in Abyss - 02 - Next Time


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