Dragon Ball Super 98

It’s finally time to decide the fate of each universe, and one in particular doesn’t fare so well here.

“Oh, Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs!!”

Nothing uncertain here. This is Universe 9’s last stand against the forces of Universe 7. Despite the anticipation of a true battle royale, it seems like this arc is going to take the form of single universe vs. universe action. Although that style does lend to each episode having its own self-contained purpose, it defies the reasoning behind the tournament. At that rate, it will be Universe 7 against everyone else as if they are all just standing in line to fight the protagonists.

Universe 9 is a good place to start, as it gets some of the characters out of the way that we’ve already seen enough of. The furry universe was already a pile of gimmicks and that really hasn’t changed here. There is now a long-nailed furry who wants to scratch your face, plus a couple useless add-ons that can do things like shooting ice, webs, or fire. My favorite though is Vegeta’s target that essentially runs away in fear, as if this didn’t mean anything. The fights themselves are quite similar to the exhibition matches, but Goku and Vegeta seem to hold their own without the need to go blue or really try. There is just so much time spent on showing the odds against the two of them despite the fact you know they will likely succeed against the first opponents. A few moments are quite fun though, like the build of my favorite music cue from the series building to the defeat of the Trio de Dangers (oh lord that name).

The consequences for defeat in the tournament of power are, as we know, erasure of the universe and all its inhabitants (minus the angel). Thankfully the first to go is Universe 9 and their overly dramatic evil supreme kai. If this whole arc had to go on with him yelling out more “We’ve got you now!” and “Check out this other stupid move!” I’m not sure I could have continued. With only one episode of him yelling tacky names for special moves, it kind of works as a fun self-parody. Everyone else is rather aware of how dumb it is, and that works for a short time. Unfortunately, the fate of their universe is obvious as soon as the battle commences. With your leader being so over the top confident it just needs to be countered with failure. The actual erasure of the universe isn’t super special, with just a bunch of white flashes to indicate its disappearance. Hopefully for the more fleshed-out universes we’ll see a bit more drama in their destruction.

Episode Score
6.8/10 (Average)

Dragon Ball Super - 98 - Teamwork

Extra thoughts:

  • Oh, so Goku does have a brain and did prepare for thi- oh wait it was Gohan’s idea. That makes sense.
  • I’m not even going to question why Universe 9 is ‘garbage dump-like’.
  • Vegeta does kind of have a big forehead, doesn’t he?
  • I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear that knock-off Spider Man’s name is Oregano.
  • Did we just miss an Android 18 fight that happened off-screen!? Now that is saving on animation costs.
  • I love how evil the Great Priest looks at the end of this episode.

Next time: “Show Them! Krillin’s True Power!!”


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