Sakura Quest Dropped for Summer

Sakura Quest - 07 - 02

With the series playing out so slowly and lacking intrigue on several levels, it is time to move on to other things for the new season.

If Sakura Quest is something you really enjoy each week, probably as a little break from everything overly serious or dreary, then don’t fret. It is likely that each week will still feature a quick entry about a key moment in the new episode in the same style as Eromanga and Tsugumomo received last season. Plus, you can expect a full Final Impressions post upon its conclusion that will in to the finale and the series as a whole.

Be sure to look forward to the new shows airing this season!

Sakura Quest - 11 - 09 Sandal-san

We’ll be keeping an eye on Sandal-san, that’s for sure.


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