Aho Girl is Stupid Fun

Aho Girl - 01 - Uppercut

Have you ever had a friend so stupid that you wanted to pile-drive them out of existence? There isn’t just an anime for that, there’s a whole genre of Japanese comedy!

Aho Girl is wonderfully stupid. With its shorter, 15-minute episodes, the boke and tsukkomi (or manzai) jokes fly continuously. But despite looking like a series about some guy beating up on his woefully stupid childhood friend, there is actually a nice subtext so far regarding the actual meaning of stupidity. At several moments throughout the episode we get the possibly brain-damaged Yoshiko (she does get hit a lot) actually becoming the superior of the duo, and seemingly in full understanding of something that Akuru is not – mostly his personal flaws. Her laugh is also quite infectious.

Aho Girl - 01 - 01 The Smart OneAho Girl - 01 - 02 Stupid SleepingAho Girl - 01 - 03 BlissAho Girl - 01 - 04Aho Girl - 01 - 05Aho Girl - 01 - 06Aho Girl - 01 - Behold the LightAho Girl - 01 - Pile DriveAho Girl - 01 - 07

Why she is so in to bananas though is beyond me.


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