Sakura Quest 13

It really feels like summer as the town revival gals look to their big festival to help give Manoyama a boost – even if they’re making a deal with the devil.

“The Marionette’s Banquet”

Even if this doesn’t work out, there is certainly a bit of growth within the town of Manoyama and its residents. Seeing everyone working together and in good spirits to put on this event really drives that idea home. The old lady Oribe even smiles and praises people a few times! The only questionable part of this whole endeavor is the pop-idol band Ptolemias. It’s a double-edged sword, in that without them the event will be tiny but earnest, and with them it will be huge yet a moral sell-out. Having Yoshino greet the band on their arrival was a fun moment of disparity in causes. The band is honest in their commercialism while the town has to put on a welcoming face. So it all really depends on how the fans react to everything that isn’t the band they’ve come to see. Turns out it’s actually quite positive on the day of the event.

When Yoshino comes out on stage looking so down and defeated I can’t help but feel her pain. All the effort the team went through to get to this big moment and, oh wait, it’s a giant success! They had me worried for a moment, what with all the Ptolemias fans seeming so passe about the locale, that it would be a big let-down, but the heartwarming vibes hit strong again with another win for the town revival gals. Although I do keep criticizing this show’s lack of substantial conflict on a larger scale each arc, it’s hard to hate on the great feeling you get from these continued successes. Her smile is just so full of life and the confirmation of her efforts, and I can’t help but smile along.

Not everything can turn out all sunshine and rainbows though. The festival does go over quite well from a business and tourism standpoint, even with a few hiccups. The trivia contest gets stomped on heavily by the Ptolemias show, but a dedicated few stuck it out! And what the heck, Sandal-san won!? That kind of makes sense, actually. What really makes sense is that his name is Alexandre Cena Davis Celibidache! Anyway, the festival is a great win for a year’s worth of guests in one day and the merchant board is happy with the amount of sales, but what of the lasting effects? Yoshino seems super bummed by the lack of interest in the town itself and that TV program didn’t do much to help. Of course the editing is going to be in favor of the station and show, and it could still be quite a help, but it lacked the spirit that Amamiya and the girls saw throughout the lead-up to the event. I don’t think this will be the last we’ll see of him. And is this our big conflict coming on? Yoshino appears to be heading back to Tokyo in defeat, despite the actual good work she’s been doing. Chin up, Queen!

Episode Score
8.5/10 (Very Good)

Extra thoughts:

  • Plus/Minus isn’t that bad of a name for a band, I guess?
  • Wrapping the manju in sightseeing maps is such a cute idea! Ririko wins again. I’ll take ten mothmanju.
  • I spy an Erika-chan, totally enjoying herself. Especially when Yoshino sings! She definitely deserves more screen time.
  • Were the children of the corn out on stage supposed to sing too?
  • The music this rather average band is playing totally has a piano in it… despite there not being one!
  • Hung-over Yoshino, you’re too cute. Drink responsibly though!
  • Mr. Kindaichi didn’t want to go to Guam with Alexandre Cena Davis Celibidache.

Next time: “The Queen, Convicted”


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