Dragon Ball Super 96

A lot going on here in this final tournament prep episode. Time to take a good look at the competition from the seven other universes!

“The Time Is Here! To the World of Void for the Fate of the Universe!!”

Frieza is still the big wild card right off the top of this episode, and he doesn’t get any more manageable throughout. His best moment has to be his teasing of Vegeta and the offer to holds hands during the teleportation. I’ll say it again, Frieza is the cold, calculating, super evil bad guy that this series needs – now if only it wasn’t just a rehash of an old foe. But not unlike all of Dragon Ball before this, major enemies have consistently become allies to Goku and the team. Everyone from King Pilaf, Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, Vegeta, the Androids, Buu, and Beerus were once major enemies. With Cell actually dead and gone, it really only leaves Frieza as the odd former nemesis out.

Whis’ comedy carries quite well in to the serious tone of the tournament proper. Goku seems to be quite friendly with a number of the universe, with universe 7 bearing some kind of connection or understanding to most of the other teams in some way. Even the Yardat, who instructed Goku on instant transmission, are there! It kind of makes no sense, considering Universe 6 is the mirror of 7, but whatever. The big bads here happen to be the big (figuratively and literally) good guys of Universe 11. They have no time for pleasantries, no matter Goku’s disposition. It still seems odd that all of these new characters are being introduced and built up only to be erased not too long from now. Something will clearly happen in or after the tournament to sway the Zen-ohs towards mercy. Speaking of which, they are still super cute in this episode.

Well, now that everything is set to begin, this actually looks really cool. The gathering of each universe’s warriors is a sight to behold with so many new faces. It feels a bit like a classic Dragon Ball style tournament, except instead of eight contestants there are eighty! The preview for next week gives a little hint at what the combat will be like, but we can really just hope right now that it will make some kind of sense. If there is a lot of strategy and interesting twists thrown in, which is quite possible with the sheer number of warriors, then it could be something great. Or it could just be a huge cluster-f…

Episode Score
8.0/10 (Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 96 - Team Seven

Extra thoughts:

  • It’s true. After all that preparation, the battle arena is rather plain. And what the heck? It isn’t even that sturdy!
  • The ultimate cop-out. They’re moving so fast that we don’t even need to animate them! That’s gods of destruction for ya.
  • Frieza has arrived. This would be a great time for Yamcha to show- ha! Yes. Although he didn’t freak out about Frieza’s presence as much as I’d hoped.
  • Whis even has a cute little Universe 7 pennant.
  • Master Roshi has finally overcome his desires. Hooo.
  • The great priest seems to have a lot of control over this zone. Might as well put in all the rules that will turn this in to an old-school fight with all new characters.
  • The saiyans of Universe 6 are fantastic. I’m cheering for Caulifla and Kale!
  • Of course Frieza is looking to cooperate with his alter-ego, Frost.

Next time: “Survive! The Tournament of Power Begins At Last!”


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