Dragon Ball Super 95

Frieza is back in style. That means evil shenanigans, unnecessary killing, and betrayals. It’s good to have you back, emperor of evil.

“The Worst! The Most Evil! Frieza’s Rampage!!”

Frieza really is the best bad guy. It’s that classic, calculating evil that Super could really use more of after so many comedic enemies, frenemies, and just straight-up crazy bad guys. There is just something about never knowing the true intentions of a villain that is so satisfying, and this episode proves that Frieza is still capable of giving us the unexpected. His brutality is the antithesis to Goku’s reluctance to kill, and their power levels a nearly matched.

The big moment in Frieza’s return here is of course his quick betrayal of Goku. This really couldn’t have been played any better, because we still can’t quite be sure if he was doing it sincerely or merely to test Goku and the gods. The fact that he is just joking when the energy of destruction appears to have him beat is just golden (ha.. ha… sorry). Frieza is an opportunist though, so it is possible that he truly intended to kill Goku and join Universe 9 if that were the result, but if not then it could be played as a ploy. Either way, he wants something more than just resurrection out of this tournament. Frieza is looking for a way to manipulate the gods, and with the power to match them, it could be quite an easy task.

After what seems like years of build-up and somewhat filler, the tournament of power is finally here next episode! With the stage complete, and hilariously lackluster for the amount of time it took to build, we just need the fighters to gather and start throwing punches. It still seems like an odd concept for the series, a battle-royale, considering how quick it really should be. But we know that anything with Dragon Ball in the title is capable of spinning an hour long tournament in to 20-30 episodes. Let the games begin.

Episode Score
8.1/10 (Very Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 95 - Golden Power

Extra thoughts:

  • Being surrounded by fluffy animals and cute things is apparently excellent energy control training. Who knew?
  • Whis is so passive in all of this. He’s just that strong.
  • Vegeta is missing out on all the rivalry once again.
  • The greatest enemy is trust.
  • Once again, some of the animation in this episode is amazing, while in other places there are faces that just plain old suck. Strange quality control at best.

Dragon Ball Super - 95 - 19

Next time: “The Time Is Here! To the World of Void for the Fate of the Universe!!”


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