Official Teaser for Attack on Titan Season 3 (2018)!

Attack on Titan - Season 3 Anouncement

Funimation has delivered a short teaser as to what could be covered in the upcoming season of Attack on Titan, and it has manga readers jumping out of their seats! Watch it here.


This is pretty crazy. Although it is just a bunch of stills, they are the covers from a number of the volumes yet to be covered by the first two seasons. No spoilers here, but for those who are caught up on the manga, some of these images are very telling of the amount that could be getting adapted in season three. Not only is it a lot, but it is definitely enough for two cours (one cour is 12 or so episodes) or even more. This is quite an ambitious reveal, considering most continuing series try to leave their manga a few steps ahead of the anime, while this looks to leave it around only a year ahead depending on which part of 2018 season three airs. It’s an exciting time to be an Attack on Titan fan, and this announcement on the heels of a great season two is a fantastic tease for the future.

Attack on Titan S3 - 01Attack on Titan S3 - 02Attack on Titan S3 - 03Attack on Titan S3 - 04Attack on Titan S3 - 05


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