Sakura Quest 11

The dragon isn’t exactly seeking revenge in the final day of the rural romance tour. It just wants to be friends.

“The Forgotten Requiem”

I am so glad the rural romance tour is continuing in this episode, as it has been a lot of fun to watch the way this event is handled by the tourism board and the participants. It is also managing to show us, the viewer, a bit more of Manoyama than we’ve seen up to this point, and it’s not a small place by any means. It’s just not a mega-city. Something like an Albany to New York City. It even has a rock-climbing facility and a tower overlooking the whole area! And of course Sandal-san is there. He’s everywhere.

So the main conflict of this little arc is the dragon story and the mysterious dragon-like figure following the tour around. The creeper turns out to be just that (although she still loves him) but the story of the dragon girl is much more important. That’s because it has to do with one of our main characters – the little dragon girl Ririko! Not only does she associate herself with the misunderstood dragon girl, but more of her backstory is revealed as well. It may even be the deepest one yet. With her mother being an outsider that came to Manoyama to marry, the tour hits especially close to home for her and the grandma Oribe. Not only that, but Riri considers herself to be weird and has been distant or misunderstood by everyone else growing up. It’s so sad! You just want to give her a hug after all of that, and fortunately Yoshino does just that.

Coming to the end of the rural romance tour, Ririko finds out that the story of the dragon girl and the Manoyama dance are actually a positive and accepting tradition, instead of a ward against evil. It’s conveniently exactly what the girls needed for their tour to really bring it home. And what better a way than to use the long forgotten song to surprise not only the tour participants but also the old-folks of the town. Oh wait, there is a better way. That would be to have Ririko sing the song for everyone! It really is so heart-warming and an amazing way to build character for someone usually so reserved. Although Erika might still be the favorite for best character so far, Riri is a very close second at this point.

Episode Score
8.7/10 (Very Good)

Extra thoughts:

  • Ririko has such a cool room.
  • The cutest dragon girl ever. Sorry, dragon maids.
  • One-eighth! You’re the best, Sandal-san.
  • Safe harbor for elopers isn’t a bad idea at all.
  • Now that I think about it, doesn’t this town really need some more guys to come in and marry these fantastic women? They seem to be the real catches here.

Next time: “The Dawn Guild”

Sakura Quest - 11 - 19 Dragon Friends


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