Attack on Titan 37 – Season 2 Finale

And so it is that Eren’s scream is heard across the lands. With this post also comes the final impressions for season 2, but fret not… there is another season coming in 2018!!


Here we are, at the end of days. Or at least another season of Attack on Titan. And it was pretty good! But you didn’t really think that this episode would bring any big answers, did you? It certainly created some even bigger questions. We’re still wondering who the beast titan really is, and now Eren has a new super-power to rule them all.

This finale is a big Eren and Mikasa episode, after so much of the season focusing on other side characters and the major enemies. Some people might be kind of unhappy with that method of storytelling, but for me it works wonders. All of those secondary characters’ deaths become so much more relevant when we know more about them and have had time to understand them. As for Eren and Mikasa here, and Hannes to some degree, the return of the titan that killed Eren’s mother is a big moment for the series. Hannes is given a much more valiant death in the anime, which is good, because in the manga he started fighting and promptly died in maybe three panels of action. It was almost jarring, while here it feels like a proper attempt. And of course there is Mikasa’s not-quite confession to Eren in the most grizzly romantic setting I have ever witnessed – the flowers, the setting sun, the blood spraying from nearby titans ripping their friends to bits. You know, all the ingredients for true love.

Eren is clearly (or in possession of) the so-called coordinate – an ability of some sort that Reiner really doesn’t want him to have. Unfortunately for Reiner and Bertholdt, Eren unwittingly uses this ability to control the mindless titans in the area and set them upon what he wants killed most of all. First it is the smiling titan, but as it suits him the target shifts to Reiner to cover their escape. That’s quite a useful skill if Eren really knows how to control it or that he is even doing it at all. With Reiner, Bertholdt, and Ymir now on their way back to wherever they came from there might be a moment of peace as everyone catches their breath. It certainly doesn’t look good for Ymir’s future, considering her having stolen the titan power from one of the warriors beyond the walls. The question now is, what will Eren and crew do from here on out? Sounds like some more titan training is in store, while Erwin has a renewed conviction to determining the ‘truth’. He always did kind of look like an older Elric brother, now that I think about it.

Episode Score
9.2/10 (Amazing)

Attack on Titan - 37 - Historia Flies

Extra thoughts:

  • Isn’t it just the worst when the person you’re talking to doesn’t listen because they’ve been eaten by a titan?
  • Would it have been too much for Mikasa and Eren to kiss right there? Naw.
  • I’m looking forward to next season. Twelve episodes of political maneuvering, followed by a couple years off, then another season of just politics! You’re probably wondering about the basement, right? Well, read the manga I guess.

Season 2 Final Impressions

Can you believe that after four years of waiting it’s over just like that? Sure, the next wait is considerably less daunting, and akin to a Netflix series or regular TV, but it is still quite agonizing. Otherwise, this was an exceptional season of anime. The sheer number of revelations and insane twists kept the pace up even through some of the slower episodes, and as a whole this second season kept moving much better than the first. There was a moment there, as the survey corps began to head for the forest once again, that many were feeling deja vu of CGI trees and a lot of useless waiting. At least here, the waiting was done in the company of the two biggest traitors and deceivers in recent anime history. This season even managed to kill interesting characters with enough regularity that you could never really be safe in assuming the survivability of anyone.

In terms of technical achievement, there are some absolutely amazing actions scenes in this series. A lot of these scenes even animated each frame with motion, rather than the usual every other frame style seen commonly in anime to save on time and money. This is not to say though that this season was amazing at all times, as there are a number of obvious examples of budget constraints and saving it up for the big moment. But even though there are a lot of still shots and CGI horses, the artistic direction of the scenes that required them (especially stills) was so well executed that a cut-back on quality could actually accentuate an emotion or dramatic moment than take away from it. It led to an impressive display of close-up, intimate moments in among some serious action.

OverallAttack on Titan season 2 delivers more of what you want from the series and then some. The story, characters, art, music, and action are all on display in wondrous union to give us another great ride through this messed-up world within the walls.

Season Score
9.3/10 (Amazing)

(Rounded to 9 on MAL)

Attack on Titan - 37 - 31 Beast Titan Revealed

Attack on Titan - Season 3 Anouncement
Coming in 2018!!

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