Dragon Ball Super 94

The team is gathering (still) for the Tournament of Power. How will Frieza’s presence change the dynamic of the group, and will they be able to work together?

“The Emperor of Evil Returns! A Reception of Mysterious Assassins!?”

Once again the tournament is nearly here – but not quite – and for an episode seemingly dedicated to picking up Frieza from his point of return, that only encompasses the last few minutes of the episode. If there were a way to keep this dragging on for 150 episodes, Dragon Ball Super would be able to figure it out. This is like waiting for Goku to arrive on Namek all over again.

The humor in this episode is very well placed around the serious tones involving Frieza and everyone’s travel to the gathering. Master Roshi is still an interesting character after all of these years, and it’s always fun to see Karin and Yajirobe. But this gathering wouldn’t be complete without a No. 17 and 18 reunion, and what we get here is magical. The two of them together fully portray their original cold and robotic nature with a few new tinges of humanity. Krillin only makes the meeting more awkward in some great ways, considering No. 17 is kind of his brother-in-law. The interactions with Marron are also wonderfully cute.

Frieza’s return to the world of the living feels like it carries a good amount of weight here. He is truly the best villain to bring back, as his calculating supreme evil allows him to work together with his enemies for his greater cause. It’s more complicated than a simple rage-fight and an indiscriminately destructive enemy like Kid Buu or Zamasu. The punches exchanged to the gut are a fantastic method of greeting for Goku and Frieza, considering their history, and Fortune Teller Babba’s commentary in the background is so delightful. As for the rat-god’s plot to assassinate Frieza upon his return, I can’t imagine a more poorly thought out plan. There are plenty of people on Universe 7’s team that would have been screwed in this situation, and these assassins corner the two most powerful. Better luck next time I suppose, rat-god. Someone is getting disqualified for this.

Episode Score
7.5/10 (Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 94 - Golden Frieza

Extra thoughts:

  • Goku really is a bad liar. I don’t know why he even bothers though, because it’s not like anyone can change his mind or stop him in any way.
  • Vegeta defending Frieza might be the best part of his character comedy in a while. He’s never looked more defeated.
  • Of course an attack of any kind is going to work on Yajirobe…
  • Wait… what the heck is GodTube!!?!?
  • Android No. 17 wins best pun of the year. Calling it right now.

Next time: “The Worst! The Most Evil! Frieza’s Rampage!!”


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