Attack on Titan 36

The armored titan can run, but he can’t hide. Erwin leads an insane charge that could decide the fate of humanity.

Apologies for the late post. The weekend was rather busy! Stay tuned for Dragon Ball Super 94 and this week’s Sakura Quest.


This is definitely an Erwin episode. Despite his unfortunate injury, it’s clearly his time to shine as the real leader of the Survey Corps. We’ve seen him standing around a lot and issuing commands, but seeing him in full-on crazy leader mode is just so satisfying. Yelling “advance” while hanging from a titan’s mouth? That’s the kind of crazy bastard you follow in to battle. On the other end of the spectrum is the cowardly Military Police, and their ability to be eaten while standing still and bitching. It’s not great to laugh at a grisly death, but damn do they ever deserve it.

Historia and Ymir’s relationship really comes to a head here. Ymir admits to only using Historia after finding out about her heritage, but it’s all a little circumstantial. They clearly have a bond beyond convenience, and it’s hard to tell if Ymir is just saying some of these things to sway Historia’s feelings in the moment. This episode is full of these kinds of contradictory moments in some of the best ways I have ever seen portrayed. Ymir and Historia aside, the conversations with Bertholdt really hit hard. Not only does he admit to despising his role as a mass-murderer, but that his whole life wasn’t a complete lie. And it really wasn’t. A lot of feelings and situations can be honest while an over-arching lie exists – essentially the basis of most under-cover romance plots. This is a little different though. Either way, Mikasa doesn’t give a single shit. Armin on the other hand is absolutely evil in his use of Annie to sway Bertholdt’s weak heart.

As someone who has read the manga, the animation and visual drama of this episode is several steps above the reading experience. For those only watching the anime, don’t even think about feeling left out, because this series is doing an amazing job at portraying the story and pushing the visual aspects of it to 11. Once again, at the penultimate episode, I am sad that this is only a twelve episode season, but it does appear to be ending at a great point – and the end of an arc proper. The next arc is nearly thirty chapters (the entirety of the series has covered around fifty-three or so up to this point), and although it could be compressed in to a twelve episode second half of a season it might also push to close to the current chapters released. The worry there is that the next season will only cover the “Uprising” arc, and that it could feel either rushed or too boring. We all just want to know what’s in the basement, right? And that is still quite a long ways away.

Episode Score
9.4/10 (Amazing)

Attack on Titan - 36 - Take Eren Back

Extra thoughts:

  • If you can put up with me eating you every now and again, there’s nothing wrong with being a titan!
  • The armored titan runs pretty quietly. In fact it’s quiet enough to hear dramatic yet soft conversation. How convenient.
  • Right now I’m all out of time and room in my heart to care. Dang that’s cold…. and kinda hot.
  • Ha! The military police are hilariously stupid.

Next time: “Scream”


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