The Requisite Beach Episode

It took Eromanga-sensei a whole 9 episodes to get to the beach outing. I commend its restraint – something that it let go of in full during the episode.

Eromanga-sensei - 09 - Beach Episode

Not to be undersold, this is also somehow a combination open air bath episode! You’ll have to look elsewhere for fan-service in that regard, though. It’s only Shidou’s hilarious misunderstandings you’ll find here.

Eromanga-sensei - 09 - Angry Muramasa
The most evil thing she could imagine.
Eromanga-sensei - 09 - Topless Elf
This isn’t exhibitionism! Surely.
Eromanga-sensei - 09 - Sunscreen
For research purposes only.
Eromanga-sensei - 09 - Yamada Bath
Did you say something about waifus?
Eromanga-sensei - 09 - Super Cute Elf
Even after all that service, it’s a cute story.

Yamada Elf Bikini Full a

Elf Yamada the Great Sensei


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