Dragon Ball Super 93

Goku ventures to Frieza’s cute hell to negotiate, while Cabba and his vegi-pals try to figure out this whole super saiyan thing.

“You’re the Tenth Warrior! Goku Goes to See Frieza!!”

A lot of this episode feels, once again, like what Super really should have been all along. Dragon Ball Z was alright in its light-hearted moments, but it’s that threat of ultimate evil, total destruction, and final efforts that made the series so compelling. Everything felt dangerous exactly when it needed to, and now we return to that kind of feeling in Super. The tournament of power has felt kind of inconsequential for a while now, despite the enormous threat it poses. But something finally clicked here with Goku and Vegeta’s dialogue about the actual concerns of winning. Perhaps it won’t be as easy as the team has suspected up until this point. I mean, we all know Universe 7 isn’t going anywhere, but the characters shouldn’t!

Before getting to Frieza’s negotiations, we get another few scenes with Cabba and his vegi-named friends in Universe 6. This is kind of a cute comical situation dealing with the most insane of power-ups in the Dragon Ball cannon. Watching the newly initiated super saiyans guide Kale (best name ever) towards a jealousy-induced rampage is its own kind of fun. Her transformation directly to some kind of super saiyan 2, or whatever the weird green aura might be, is a neat effect, but it really doesn’t make any sense. Classic Dragon Ball Super for sure. Either way, the female super saiyans both rock, and are an interesting contrast between the two of them.

Frieza is just so evil. It feels so good. Fortunately, nobody really ever stays dead in this series and it’s time for him to make his third comeback. The stakes are high though with Frieza requesting resurrection as payment for assistance, but what else could you offer him of comparable value? It’s also very measured of him to only want the Earth’s dragon balls, and not the infinitely powerful super version. No matter the price, though, this really is what Super needs at the moment. In a show that is so obviously predictable it feels good when there’s a bit of a twist and the unknown added to the mix. Having a super enemy on the team is a great bit of focused tension for a tournament that seems to be spreading itself too thin. With only an hour and thirty minutes until kick-off, what else could go wrong?

Episode Score
8.2/10 (Very Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 93 - Caulifla Deflects

Extra thoughts:

  • It’s always nice to see an unknown face hiding in the background and wonder why the heck they might be important later on. Oh, he’s just a spy for the rat-god.
  • Kale is the new Brolli, from the looks of it. I’m just impressed that her clothes stayed on. She must go to the same tailor as the Hulk.
  • I’m having a hard time remembering the relations here between Cabba and Caulifla, and now Kale. The girls are sisters, but isn’t Cabba a cousin or something? Definitely the strangest love triangle I’ve seen in a while.
  • Goku tried to give Fortune-teller Babba the Zen-oh button!?

Next time: “The Emperor of Evil Returns! A Reception of Mysterious Assassins?!”


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