Sakura Quest 09

Everything really comes together between the tourism board and the board of merchants – but that was to be expected.

“The Lady’s Scales”

The conflict from the previous episode was that the tourism folks and the board of merchants had both scheduled events on the same day, and that it would be a tough feat to reconcile the situation. But for anyone watching it was just far too simple a solution. Couldn’t they just schedule a joint event and play off each other for a greater combined experience for the townspeople? Oh, well yes. That is exactly how it turned out here.

The event itself is a pretty nice little pay-off after many of the tourism board’s screw-ups. Shiori overcame her fears of failure, created a not-so-boring locally-inspired recipe, and reconciled her sister’s unfortunate romantic woes. Most of these things came from the simplest solutions possible for each problem, but it all comes together in a rather satisfying package. Even Yoshino’s wacky idea for a somen game machine turns out to be kind of well-received (and a little risqué). The old lady Oribe also seems to be coming around, admitting some admiration for the tourism board’s efforts and that she isn’t just an evil hag. Overall, the somen-fest was a nice bit of positivity before an inevitable final conflict for this series.

The only other issue in this episode is Sayuri’s romantic failings with the French chef Kumano. The whole ordeal is kind of cute and also a great example of how wrong love can go with so little a mistake – even if two people really do like each other. It’s also a nice idea to keep the romance plot out of the main cast in this series (for now at least) to keep them focused on the actual plot. How long has it been since we’ve had a group of girls tackling problems together without a love triangle or seven popping up? Romantic situations can be quite interesting and a great watch, but sometimes you just don’t need it. This series seems to be tackling that perfectly.

Episode Score
8.0/10 (Good)

Extra thoughts:

  • That chef actually went to France to perfect his French toast… talk about dedication, huh? The girl he likes already thought it was amazing!
  • Suddenly this is a completely different type of sho- ohhh, it’s a bathing suit…
  • How do you use the wrong calendar for so long!? It would be super obvious after only a few days when you see elsewhere that it’s not the day you think it is.
  • Erika deserves her own series, after maybe 2 minutes of combined screen time. “There’s still time for you too.”
  • They managed to spray something in a half-naked Yoshino’s face at least once in this series. Well done.

Next time: “The Dragon’s Sore Spot”


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