Dragon Ball Super 92

The Universe 7 team needs another fighter with Buu down for the count,

“Emergency Development! The Incomplete Ten Members!!”

Although the primary conflict of this episode is the lack of members on our main heroes’ team, the secondary plots shine again with teases of fighters from other universes. Toppo’s universe seems to have a lot of problems and an interesting political atmosphere to its hero duties, while Universe 3 seems to be all robots – as if it were the future of the Chrono Trigger world. But the most interesting is of course Cabba and his Universe 6 saiyans, Caulifla and Kale (ha!). Although the transformation to super saiyan holds little excitement anymore, it is really cool to see the first female super saiyan. The fan art will be plentiful…

Goku’s secret – the fact that there is no prize money and the universe could be destroyed – is found out by the rest of the team. They pretty much have the same attitude about it as I do. Why would you hide these facts from the Z-warriors, who have fought to defend the universe on multiple occasions now? When it comes down to it though, Beerus is ready to threaten anyone with apprehension in to joining the fight anyway. Having him travel around with Whis gathering up fighters like some of the other universes’ gods would have really cut down on the number of filler episodes over the past couple of months, wouldn’t it?

So with Buu apparently gone for now (the OP has lied to us) the team needs another member. Beerus rightfully points out that only the Earth seems to have any decent fighters anymore after wiping out Frieza’s army, only for Goku to recommend Frieza himself! Well this is a wonderfully odd twist in the right direction. Most of the team building and set-up for the tournament has been quite boring, but this is a pact really worth watching formed. Frieza is essentially another god-level fighter on the scale of Goku and Vegeta, which could tip the scales in their favor. Are we going to see an epic Frieza vs. Frost fight? Probably.

Episode Score
7.9/10 (Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 92 - Caulifla Transforms

Extra thoughts:

  • The number of musical instruments Satan used to try and wake up Buu makes me wonder why he even has all of them.
  • Toppo’s hands are enormous.
  • Suddenly we’re on Cybertron with fat R2-D2 and a robot fish-man. This tournament might be alright after all.
  • Once again the requirements for becoming a super saiyan are completely arbitrary and no training is needed. Once upon a time it was an epic transformation of legendary power, right?
  • The name Kale made me burst out laughing. It’s just so saiyan it hurts.
  • Seeing Frieza in his hell is just as funny as always.

Next time: “You’re the Tenth Warrior! Goku Goes to See Frieza!!”


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