Sakura Quest 08

The Shinomiya family takes the lead in this foodie adventure.

“The Fairy’s Recipe”

This series has been kind of milling about for a few weeks with movie making, but now we’re back to good old fashioned tourism board adventures. If anything, this episode gets the idea of the series more right than any previous. The direction of revitalizing the town of Manoyama is more of a setting or situation than a plot. The actual plot of a show like this needs to grow out of the situation, using the characters to tie it all together. Although we’ve had a lot of character drama up until this point, this entry finally sees a bit of plot movement.

The first thing worth discussing in this episode is the rather obvious love triangle developing between Shiori, her sister Sayuri, and the chef Kumano. There is some clear history between the two latter characters and some mysterious missed meeting that is causing a misunderstanding. Then we have our Shiori messing up the whole thing by being a bit of an airhead. What we do get out of all of this is a rather powerful exploration of what it means to be an adult and face the future. The Shinomiya family seems quite ideal, with kids who are kind and sincere, parents that care for their children and don’t want to push their lives upon them, and grandparents that just want to see their grand-kids get some. Pretty well-rounded family for sure.

For there to be some kind of plot there usually needs to be a conflict. There have been several up to this point that were generally pretty easily tackled in an episode or two, but the feud between the tourism board and the board of merchants is the real deal. If the two can come to some kind of agreement and work together they might just be able to revitalize the town. If anything is going to be resolved in this series, this seems like the goal to keep in mind. Yoshino seems perfectly positioned to unite the two sides with her outsider’s perspective and the help of her council. It has always seemed unlikely that any of her ideas could change an entire town’s fortunes, so this might be the best alternative. As for the event scheduling conflict, I’ll bet on them combining the two and featuring Oribe’s goods in the gourmet event. There we go. Problem solved.

Episode Score
7.7/10 (Good)

Extra thoughts:

  • Those are some impressively bad farming outfits they’ve got going there. Well, at least the queen is on the right track as far as the stereotype is concerned. Seriously though, a bee keeper and a ninja? … and Bruce Lee!?
  • I could go for some ramen and chicken wings. Yoshino’s peanut butter yakisoba sounds interesting too.
  • Her overalls are so cute! In fact all of the new outfits in this episode a pretty good.
  • Kumano is seriously bear-sized. It’s nice to see someone shaped a little differently than the norm in anime. Although you’re unlikely to find many main characters of that description.

Next time: “The Lady’s Scales”


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