Kids These Days

This poor dad just wants to escape his daily life with a relaxing game of baseball on the ol’ television set – radio just isn’t the same. Anime is Tsugumomo.

Tsugumomo - 08 - TV Hog.jpg

Episode 8 of Tsugumomo features what might be the cutest slice-of-life bit I have ever seen, with Kiriha being bribed in to doing chores and an adorable trip to the super market. Notable here is the dichotomy of childlike innocence and complete evil, plus the best song about pudding you’ll ever hear.

Tsugumomo - 08 - Baseball DadTsugumomo - 08 - Death StareTsugumomo - 08 - Helping HandsTsugumomo - 08 - Pudding SongTsugumomo - 08 - Rewards

The second half of this episode is considerably NSFW. Go watch it and find out, you wonderful weirdos!

Tsugumomo - 08 - Grab Him By The
She makes it up to him later…

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