Dragon Ball Super 91

There are still over four hours until the tournament begins. How many episodes is that?

“Which Universe Will Survive?! The Strongest Warriors Are Gathering!!”

Despite being another episode of prep, this outing has quite a few fun moments. It’s also told from the perspective of the Zen-ohs watching a preview on TV like they’re one of us poor mortals. His enthusiasm is rather infectious, and all of the things he sees are actually quite promising. Well, all except maybe Yamcha’s unfortunate situation and the very unfortunate situation Puar gets him/herself in to with Roshi. Once again the aside looks at other universes are the best parts of these lead-up episodes. There are even some new faces this time!

First we get some familiar faces. Hit goes to recruit Frost in the most bad-ass sequence of the episode, and it’s great to see Frost coming back in to the fray. He (she?) is the most complex version of Frieza to date. Some of the universe are having trouble finding fighters, but we don’t really care too much about the fate of Furry Universe, do we? The good stuff comes with Universe 2’s introduction and the oddly public auditions for the tournament. The switch-up of a beautiful idol turning in to a massive and awkward magical girl is just too well executed to explain. So many trope parodies exploded out of my screen at that moment I could barely take it. The high priest does make a good note of there being quite a few powerful women entering the tournament, and I’m all for that. Caulifla in particular holds a lot of potential, but we’ll have to wait until next time for more of her and Cabba.

One of the serious problems with this series is that it forgets some of the things that came before, but remembers other all too clearly. In this episode we have the hyperbolic time chamber being used for training but not the other two hugely important time-related problems. Just put Goku and the elder Kai in there to extract his dormant power with Buu just sleeping away on the sidelines! Also in this vein, Goku just flies to see sleeping Buu instead of teleporting. For a show that has a strange kind of nostalgia and continuity fetish these are some pretty big flaws. Anyway, the tournament still isn’t here yet, or likely next episode. Will the lead-up episodes to the event heavily outnumber the tournament itself? We’ll have to wait and see. In the mean time, this here is a pretty fun round-up.

Episode Score
7.6/10 (Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 91 - Transform

Extra thoughts:

  • Mr. Popo (racist caricature aside) is right about Vegeta. He’ll probably break the hyperbolic time chamber again. Oh, the memories.
  • Does nobody sleep in this universe? Also, time is probably not an issue considering the point above this one.
  • Oolong let Master Roshi do a what now!? On second thought, I don’t really need to know. Just get that cat away from him.
  • The parody of a sailor scout transformation is almost too much to handle. Don’t try it at home, Zen-oh-sama!
  • The universe 10 angel is so wonderful, she can even make Zen-oh-sama dance. Not exactly sure why the Kai of that universe needs a viral video, or even how that makes any sense… but whatever.

Next time: “Emergency Development! The Incomplete Ten Members!!”


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