Sakura Quest 07

That’s a wrap on filming, but there are a lot of other things that need to be wrapped up at the same time. Next step, bigger budget!

“The Mansion in Purgatory”

Everything about this movie shoot comes together quite cleanly here, despite the ego of the director and his last minute changes. It really is the town’s council that brings it all together – I kind of wonder if they were being paid or if it was just part of the agreement with the town and free publicity? Yoshino and her crew are practically producers of this movie.

Shiori’s plot is the thinnest on display in this episode. We had already seen that she was lying about the permission to burn down the house, and the reason seemed pretty obvious. Turns out she did have a connection to that house, but it wasn’t even particularly interesting or deep. From what it seems, that old woman isn’t even a relative. I won’t discount the fond memories and attachment, but the situation doesn’t seem to carry enough weight. The best moment of this little story is actually more of a Yoshino moment, when she tells the producer to credit special thanks to the woman that owned the house. Now that is a heartwarming end to a little character feud if there ever was one.

Where this episode does succeed is in the resolution to Maki’s issues across the board. She not only separated herself from the rest of the girls for a while, fled her acting career, and shunned opportunity, she was at odds with her father. Then with some amazing movie (or TV anime) magic, everything gets fixed! The cutest thing by far has to be the flashback montage of her being interested in acting, touching on that nostalgia we all feel for more motivated days. But the resolution with her father is even more powerful. Having him send the recording of her first school play, just as she had been remembering it fondly, is an explosion of heartwarming feelings. Her father has always been her number one fan, even if they didn’t see eye-to-eye. Of course he is also there to see her be the hero for the film shoot, and for a moment he looks less scary.

Episode Score
8.1/10 (Very Good)

Sakura Quest - 07 - Death Grip.gif

Extra thoughts:

  • Clearly Maki should be an acting coach, and not an actress.
  • Did they just say Kadota is in the running for a Razzie? Amazing.
  • Mini-zombies and their butt-slapping only prove that kids are inherently evil. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just the truth.
  • Vice-principals are always scarier than the actual principal.
  • They should probably say yes to the car chases and exploding temples – think of the publicity! Those temples are a dime a dozen, right?
  • Sandal-san’s perfect English never fails to punctuate the end of each episode.

Next time: “The Fairy’s Recipe”

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