Attack on Titan 33

At two-thirds through the season, Attack on Titan can even make a slower episode full of energy and tension.

“The Hunters”

The first few minutes feel as if they should have been tacked on to the end of the previous episode, and looking back, I’m not sure which one would be a better cliffhanger. It would either be the colossal titan falling or Reiner running away – probably the latter would have been best. Either way, it happens to be most of the action from this episode. It all feels like a necessary evil to keep us up to date with Erwin and Pixis, who are just finding out about the ordeal of several episodes ago at the tower.

The flashback stood out as a major portion of this episode that only served to remind us of what we already know – the main three characters are friends and Eren is a bit of an ass. For a season that only has 12 episodes and an impressive amount of ground left to cover, this really could have been condensed without losing the impact. But it brings us back to the energy of this episode, in that the fight scene in the flashback is the major action set-piece for this entry. Not many shows of this style could get away with something like this, but seeing Mikasa beat up a bunch of kids and Hannes cheering them on is actually quite satisfying.

Now that the team has restored their confidence after a crushing defeat (yeah I went there), it’s time to regroup and figure out a plan. Good thing Hange is still somewhat functional, because her plan is a sound one. Reiner and Bertholdt might be skilled but that does not mean they’re special. They will need to rest like any other human and wait for night to avoid mindless titans. There isn’t much tension here for the viewers though as it is immediately shown that this is true, with both Eren and Ymir missing some limbs up in the trees. I’m sure they have a lot to talk about, and how much does Ymir actually know? A return to the extended forest chase of the female titan doesn’t exactly fill me with anticipation, but this sequence looks to be far more promising. Saddle up.

Episode Score
8.8/10 (Very Good)

Attack on Titan - 33 - Mikasa Kicks Butt.gif

Extra thoughts:

  • No other series seems to do clouds better than this. Something we appreciate greatly here at Clouded…
  • Levi tells it like it is to the Military Police, rightfully scaring the pants off them. How much of a jerk do you have to be to crack jokes about shirking dangerous duties to those who perform the most dangerous duties!? [Mini spoiler] -> Don’t worry, they’ll get what’s coming to them. 
  • The fact that Jean is still alive always surprises me, so it’s good to see him out of the loop just to know that I haven’t been missing him in the main group.
  • I recently caved and read all of the manga up to its current chapter. I know all of the spoilers, who everyone is, and even what is in the basement! Don’t fret though, as these reviews will always only deal with the anime.

Next time: “Opening”


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