Dragon Ball Super 90

With only a few hours left to train before the Tournament of Power, Gohan and Goku test each other out in a battle of saiyan warriors.

“See the Wall that Must Be Passed! Goku vs Gohan”

And so begins another effort to make Gohan relevant and/or cool again. Far from the last attempt we’re likely to see in the near future, he really does seem to be turning it around from those nerdy ways and super-dad persona. I’ve mentioned several times that Gohan was originally intended to take Goku’s place at the helm of the franchise, but fan intervention thwarted that interesting possibility. It looks like Super might be trying to make another pass at it after all.

A 2v2 match is a good way to start bridging the familiar fights we’re used to with the concept of a battle royal. This fight even avoids the pitfall of pitting the two matching characters against each other too much, while still acknowledging the necessity of it. Clearly we are being shown that Gohan and Piccolo are a good team, which we really could have assumed by this point. The best quip here is when Piccolo scolds Gohan for talking about how he hasn’t even shown his full power yet. A great thing to keep to yourself in battle, despite it being the catch-phrase of Dragon Ball for decades.

And finally we have the saiyan slug-fest and father-vs-son battle. It was way more intense than I originally expected of a kind of filler episode like this, but Gohan does have a lot to prove after so many years of slacking (don’t slack on your studies though!). But this fight still suffers from Super’s greatest problem, and that is the obvious discrepancy in power between two fighters. There should be no competition here, and thankfully there really isn’t. As Goku goes full SSB (or super saiyan god super saiyan) plus kaio-ken Gohan doesn’t even come close to contending – as it should be. Despite this, the fight is still a lot of fun and better than anything we’ve gotten in the past few episodes. Gohan’s “new” power is also interesting, because he is attempting a new path different than that of a super saiyan. What could be down that path? I’m sure we might, maybe, someday, find out.

Episode Score
7.7/10 (Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 90 - Saiyan Duel

Extra thoughts:

  • Of course Goku would never turn down a fight, especially 1v1 with his son. Still, though, not exactly sure what the point is.
  • I feel like Universe 10’s super brawny fighters are going to get absolutely rekt, and fast – in the style of super bulky Trunks.
  • The sheer number of repeated frames in the Goku-Gohan fight is just amazing. So many corners cut, but it still has a fun intensity to it.

Next time: “Which Universe Will Survive?! The Strongest Warriors Are Gathering!!”


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