Attack on Titan 32

Are you in the mood for action? Because this is the grudge match of the year right here.

“Close Combat”

This episode is very much what I expected after the giant reveals of last time. It’s a nuts 1v1 that none of the rest of the corps can help out with thanks to Reiner’s armor – but they have their hands full as well with Bertholdt the colossal titan. He displays another one of his talents (beyond just being giant) with a continuous burst of steam to keep himself defended. It’s a great defense for something that moves so slow. Each special titan up to this point has featured some kind of special skill, I wonder what Eren’s might be?

The animation in this episode is just phenomenal. There was a lot of apprehension from the online community after the preview from last episode showing the very CGI colossal titan, but it really fits in well here. The insane camera angles and quick movements of the survey corps members on the attack are just slightly CGI enough that it actually blends quite well in the scene. There has been some really poorly done CGI in recent series, and this is definitely not one of those cases. If this episode isn’t the one that blows the season’s budget (and why there are only 12 episodes) I don’t know what else could top the action. There are still five more episodes to prove me wrong, though.

The actual fight between Eren and Reiner is very well done. The flashbacks are placed to great effect amidst Eren’s struggles and a great way to bring extra relevance to moments from so long ago. This season has been handling that concept to great effect so far, and this is no different. The moments with Annie during trainingĀ are so nostalgic and the slight bit of dark romantic comedy is quite welcome. Of course Mikasa would want to know how to hold Eren down like that! As memory serves, these moves also worked well on Reiner, and that translates to titan combat exactly as you would hope. Every enemy has a weakness, and Reiner’s is on display fully when he charges in with full power. Unfortunately for Eren and the corps, they’re not just fighting the armored titan alone. It’s too bad that this series will have a difficult time topping last episode’s cliffhanger in the future – but this is still fun in its own right.

Episode Score
9.1/10 (Amazing)

Attack on Titan - 32 - Helping Hand

Extra thoughts:

  • Think back to all of those times that Eren loudly committed to killing all of the titans, and how Reiner and Bertholdt must have felt. It’s such a powerful case of double agents and their attachment to both sides.
  • There are a few characters in this episode that I don’t recognize fully, and that’s a really bad sign for them. They might as well be wearing red shirts.
  • Did Hange just look at Eren as a titan and blush? It’s not that she likes Eren or anything, she justĀ really loves titans. Best moment in the episode by far.

Next time: “The Hunters”


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