Dragon Ball Super 89

Tien faces off against Master Roshi in the battle of super muscular dudes, thanks to Roshi’s greatest weakness – two X chromosomes.

“An Unknown Beauty Appears! The Tenshin-Style Dojo’s Mystery!!”

Unlike some of the recent ‘filler’ episodes during the tournament recruitment process, this entry feels a little bit more valid. Tien needed a good reason to leave his students behind temporarily and it’s a little bit more difficult of a situation than just teleporting to Piccolo and saying “hey, come with me”. Fortunately, Master Roshi is also at Tien’s dojo as a guest master. So this is a young girl and Roshi (and Tien) starring in this episode? You know what that means…

The side story with Yurin feels a bit like classic Dragon Ball, in a Chi-chi kind of way. With her backstory explained after she goes rogue, it becomes apparent that she might have a bit of a tsundere thing for Tien after he left her behind years ago. This is played very well with her motivations and her willingness to join Tien’s dojo after her defeat. The sore point of this episode is definitely Master Roshi’s pervy antics, which are just straight up sexual assault in most cases. It’s rather indicative of society continually giving old, creepy men a pass when it comes to these matters. And you know what? I was actually almost fine with the comedy of it in this case just to set up maybe two stupid jokes – him suspecting Yurin’s wickedness all along and his leering becoming his opening. They both got a big eye-roll, but are somehow still moderately entertaining.

The coolest parts of these recent episodes have been the adventures of Cabba, and the recruitment in Universe 6. Caulifla is already a wonderfully intriguing character even with so little screen time, and I’m curious to know why she commands a gang of random thugs. It’s also apparent now that she is not a super saiyan, but that’s a pretty easy feat nowadays it seems. So I look forward to more with these characters, until they are inevitably erased from losing the tournament and then subsequently wished back with the super dragon balls.

Episode Score
7.3/10 (Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 89 - Four Arm Tien
Not sure how useful this skill is.

Extra thoughts:

  • Goku would have a much easier time recruiting if he just told them the universe was in peril. It’s not like any of these guys haven’t faced an existential crisis or two in their days.
  • Of course Roshi is beaten by his perviness, which was rather excessive in this episode. Also, pretty sure there are only striped panties in the anime universe.

Next time: “See The Wall That Must Be Passed! Goku VS Gohan”


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