Attack on Titan 31

Some of the biggest secrets we’ve been waiting on are revealed in this insane episode. Was it a big surprise, or did you know all along? (Huge spoilers, obviously)


Holy s***. This has been a long time coming. The identities of both the iconic colossal titan and the armored titan have been revealed. It was becoming more and more likely that something was up with Reiner and Bertholdt, but I never expected this reveal to come so soon in a series that loves to hold on to its secrets. By the way, who’s left in the 104th cadet corps that isn’t a titan!? What are you hiding, Sasha?

Although Reiner was becoming more and more suspicious, it never dawned on me that the colossal titan would be right in there with the group as well. He seems like such a final boss – the cause of most of the series’ conflict – that it should be one of the final things to come to light. But this is so much better. Putting together the history of the characters and their suspicious behaviors from last season is a totally acceptable flashback here in a moment that I initially yelled out for them to stick with the present. Of course Eren has the hardest time accepting that anyone could be a traitor or something beyond what they appear – he is so ridiculously straightforward that he just seems to expect that of others. Clearly he still has a lot to learn.

The question now is what might these titans’ motivation be? They’ve integrated so well in to the Survey Corps and have fought for their lives time and time again, it all seems a little strange. The interactions atop the wall before the epic transformations seems to have so much going on that it could take a while to really parse it out. Suffice to say the facial expressions are fantastic Attack on Titan quality. Despite how nonchalant the initial reveal is, the removal of the sling to show Reiner’s arm healing is absolutely wonderful. But the real questions come with the talk of their hometown and why they would want to suddenly go back. It’s as if they have come to question their mission to destroy humanity (which they could have easily done several times over by now). Although that is what they say the plan was, it’s clear to us that they are more interested in Eren. How is their hometown relevant, and why would taking Eren back there be able to avert humanity’s destruction? Could it possibly be something to do with his dad and the basement? Probably, but that is the mother of all secrets being touted by this series. No matter the answers, it’s time for what could be the most epic fight of the series so far. Crazy titan Eren versus the colossal titan and the armored titan in close combat. I can’t wait.

Episode Score
9.8/10 (Amazing)

Attack on Titan - 31 - Mikasa AttacksAttack on Titan - 31 - Reiner and Bertholdt TransformAttack on Titan - 31 - Eren Transforms

Extra thoughts:

  • So Ymir isn’t dead! That is quite a relief, considering how interesting her character had become so suddenly, and the fact that there is still so much to know about her. I guess humanity might get some answers aft- … oh. Ok. Well, better luck next time.
  • If Reiner and Bertholdt really wanted to destroy humanity, and didn’t have any ulterior motives, they could have just transformed in the capital and completely wrecked human civilization from the inside out.
  • Mikasa’s reaction to the reveal is amazing, but what could have been if she didn’t attack them? Could they have just talked it out? Unlikely, but an interesting possibility.

Next time: “Close Combat”

Attack on Titan - 31 - End Card


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