Sakura Quest 05

The queen and council finally figure out a plan to revitalize the town. Is it even possible to implement?

“The Budding Yggdrasil”

A plan finally arises within the tourism board, and despite its ambitious nature, might actually be quite reasonable. Working on something bit by bit is a good way to build interest and keep it over a long period of time. This episode is essentially an advertisement for why the arts are important, and that’s a good thing. The other big part of this episode is the focus on Sanae and her decision to keep at it instead of running away once again. It almost plays as if she feels she is wasting her time and wishes for a more stable life, with a home and family. Well, the Cinderella talk and interactions with Tatsuo couldn’t be a bigger sign that her future is looking up. She just needed something worth working for, and a little bit of recognition. We’re all human, after all.

The biggest criticism that I have about this series so far is that the sum isn’t quite as great as its parts. Each character is an interesting and well-developed individual that is contributing to the great effort, but that effort just isn’t an overly compelling cause. This might be due to the fact that the team is now attempting a very long term project that is hard to get invested in as an audience. The best thing that this series can do is make it feel as if we’re living in Manoyama, and it’s close, but just not quite there. Otherwise, the moment-to-moment flow of each episode is quite enjoyable. Yoshino is still quite a fun lead with how optimistic and foolish she is. Remember Flying Witch? This is the relaxing series of this season.

Episode Score
7.6/10 (Good)

Extra thoughts:

  • Nothing quite like a good montage to really get things moving – or to just fill time.
  • The blonde weirdo is definitely the type to own and play an ocarina. Wait, what was his name!? Alexandre Cena Davis Celibidache. Well then…
  • So will this series cover 100 years of town transformation?

Next time: “The Rural Masquerade”


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