Sakura Quest 04

This week the tourism board looks to make traditional wood carving cool again, with exoskeletons and kabura sushi soda? I would try it.

“The Lone Alchemist”

The town of Manoyama seems to have a lot going for it. Every time the cast turns a new corner to discover a little bit more the place looks so compelling – even if it is mostly deserted. All it needs is hot springs to complete the small town vibe, and considering the make-up of the cast it is bound to happen at some point. It makes me wonder if each week is going to be an exploration of a new small town draw until this place is an amalgamation of every traditional Japanese tourism niche. That is an interesting prospect, but it would be nice to see these girls work out a real solution instead of continually stumbling across new possibilities and not making much of them.

Haven’t these girls ever heard of YouTube? The IT specialist Sanae is even a blogger! People love viral videos showing off impressive artistic skills like wood carving, and it would allow the traditionalist to keep doing what he thinks is right while gaining some notoriety for it. It’s only fair for the old lady and old-school carver to be against the rather blasphemous Buddha vending machine, no matter how cool it is. Just seems like all of this is a result of hiring a bunch of young people with no experience in the work they’re trying to do. Sure, they’re part of the target demographic, but you might want at least one PR or tourism expert in on this. The old man Kodata doesn’t count.

Episode Score
7.5/10 (Good)

Sakura Quest - 04 - Robot Shopping

Extra thoughts:

  • A mecha chupakabura would be pretty cool. Think of the promotional tie-ins! Anime towns are all the rage nowadays.
  • The 3D CGI in this episode is actually a pretty interesting addition, with the transforming vending machine and the mechanics weird inventions. He could be a tourist attraction all on his own!
  • The weird blonde guy with his funny accent shows up again in a kind of nonsensical way. Still convinced he is the solution to all of their problems.

Next time: “The Budding Yggdrasil”


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