Attack on Titan 30

A truly amazing display of what Attack on Titan is good at. Some truths are revealed about Krista and Ymir, while more questions arise.


What we see in this episode is a the combination of everything this season has done right up to this point. There is meaningful backstory for side characters, high emotional tension, insane action sequences, secrets revealed, and the main characters popping in for some screen time – and don’t forget, somebody has to die.

It’s been so long since the training of the Cadet Corps that many might have forgotten it skipped over two years in that arc. This could be a continuously interesting source of character background information if played properly, as it is in this episode. Winter training is a nice visual change of pace and properly threatening situation to force Ymir’s hand. The flashback is also quite clear about how Eren hasn’t matured much since that time – ever trying to be the hero.

Of course the Survey Corps (Scout Regiment) bursts on to the scene in the nick of time as expected – and is it ever a great shot. Mikasa owns the titan threatening Historia/Krista and poses for one of the best hero shots yet, but don’t forget about the rest of the crew. Eren even gets his first kill as a member of the Corps, obviously not counting his times as a titan. It’s an oddly comical moment that fits quite well, as Eren tends to be forgotten among the ranks unless it’s regarding his titan powers. It’s great how the corps doesn’t hold him up as the hero because of it but instead uses him more as a tool. You don’t want your best weapon breaking on an off-day, that’s for sure.

I genuinely didn’t expect Ymir to die so soon after the reveal of her titan form, but it is totally like this series to do just that. There is still so much we need to know about her. She clearly wasn’t on the titans’ side, so who exactly was she seeking revenge against, and why? The biggest of questions remaining is why she ate Reiner and Bertholdt’s friend or whoever that was. Perhaps it was before she went rogue. It’s unlikely that we’ll find out any time soon, especially of Historia didn’t even know that Ymir could turn in to a titan.

Episode Score
9.6/10 (Amazing)

Attack on Titan - 30 - Tear it Down

Extra thoughts:

  • So the OP for this season might be a stupid rehash of the original, but it’s still just as catchy because of that fact. I can live with it. As long as it explains why there are dinosaurs…
  • Well at least Marco gets to return for a few moments.
  • Deus-ex Mikasa
  • The ED really shows a lot of promise for actually explaining a little bit of the history that we haven’t been privy to as of yet – but of course it’s not perfectly clear by any means. Cannibalism is clearly an important theme though.
  • Death count this episode: 1… 😥

Next time: “Warrior”

Holy **** is he fighting the colossal titan there!? Either way, it looks like Eren will be back in action, titan-style, coming next episode.


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