Sakura Quest 03

Yoshino starts to figure out what Manoyama is all about, and the best place to start is with the wind in your face – or the people. Clearly though, the queen could use some media training.

“The Cry of the Mandrake”

This kind of series definitely hinges on its characters, and most of all its main character. In that regard, Yoshino is quite a pleasant force in each episode so far. She manages to be sincere and relatable while towing a good line between perfect for the job and just a little useless. It feels nice and real, which is good for a series that is so down to earth. Although Kadota and the old lady Oribe are kind of caricatures of their purpose in the series, the youthful members of the cast really balance out well as believable people living in this town.

It is quite nice that this series takes advantages of its characters strong suits to put together an episode like this. Sanae does her IT research, Maki uses her experience from the media industry, Shiori is the managerial type, Ririko has her connections to the old ways (and UMAs), and Yoshino is just wonderfully sincere. It’s an odd combination of skills to set up a series like this, but they work together quite well so far. Though I assume as the story progresses we’re likely to see each of them pushed outside of their comfort zones a little. The only new character in this entry is Kosuke, Maki’s little brother. Seems conveniently appropriate as a romantic interest, hmm?

The climactic moments of this episode are quite heartwarming. Yoshino may be a little too honest for a promotional tool, but there is something endearing about it as well. You could see from the look on Kadota’s face inside the Kabura-kun mask that her words really mean something to someone invested in the town. He’s still quite a grouch, but you could see in that moment his perception of Yoshino change. I think the direction of looking back to the past could be quite productive to get the complacent townsfolk involved, although I really didn’t expect her to bash both new and old traditions so hard. There must be something uniting this town that people would want to come see, but it could be an emotional struggle getting there. Definitely a contender for heartwarming show of the season.

Episode Score
8.2/10 (Very Good)

Sakura Quest - 03 - Royal Interview

Extra thoughts:

  • Just the cold indifference of time’s unending march. Nothing to see here. A youthful foolish outsider, perhaps.
  • What the heck was that weirdo using as his model for the kabu (white turnip) when they’re all underground!? I feel like this guy is going to be critically important to the story in some way…
  • The great search engine of our time, Boogle.

Next time: “The Lone Alchemist”

The narrator’s English pronunciation in the previews is just fantastic (and weird). It catches me off-guard every time.


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