Dragon Ball Super 87

Goku and No. 17 team up for the first time in not exactly the most exciting adventure.

“Hunt the Poachers! Goku and No. 17’s United Front!!”

This episode feels like filler more than any of the recruitment episodes before it. Although it might be fun to see Android No. 17 back in action, this isn’t really much. It falls in to the same tropes of old throw-away episodes like having ridiculously low-powered enemies that aren’t even worth the characters’ time, but pose just enough of a problem that it’s like a chore to take care of them. Goku goes super saiyan blue to fly out in space, as I believe that makes him capable of surviving there (as gods don’t seem to mind).

One of the redeeming factors of this episode is the instant transmission to King Kai’s planet. That is such an amazing call-back, with No. 17 in tow, to the Cell saga and how the planet was blown up Cell’s self-destruction. Beerus has a dream, or premonition, of Goku dying by way of spaceship explosion, yet it doesn’t really make any sense how he could die from that. This episode is just another example of Super needing to stick to something that matters or has consequences for its episodes to be taken seriously – that is if it’s not a comedy episode, which have surprisingly been fine.

Episode Score
6.8/10 (Average)

Dragon Ball Super - 87 - 17 in Action

Next time: “Gohan and Piccolo – Teacher and Pupil Clash in Max Training!”


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