Attack on Titan 29

When it comes down to the final moments in battle, all secrets are laid bare. That is if you don’t stumble in to revealing them sooner.


It will be difficult to talk about anything but the ending, but it’s still worth the effort. Ymir is definitely the focus of this episode, and despite lurking in the background for so long she has come to be a massively important character – her and little Krista Lenz. There a few pairs of individuals that seem to have some kind of history together, which is an interesting approach to character development. There is the obvious Eren and Mikasa, but also featured in this episode are Reiner and Bertholdt. Ymir also adds a little horribly levity to the situation by distracting Connie from thinking his mother is a titan, which really only comes off as suspicious.

The fight in and around the tower offers up some amazing action sequences that are well-timed around the slower sections. It might be the best example of episode pacing yet in this season. You’re never quite sure which moment is going to be the most climactic until the final second, and that is a great feeling. We do part with a few characters that I can’t remember the names of, but their deaths weren’t any less impactful. The real tease is having Reiner nearly bite the dust several times only to avoid such a fate in some interesting ways. Not quite sure though how they completely wreck that door with the canon and then have a sturdy new door in pretty much no time.

So that ending. I was certain that some kind of Levi-ex-machina would occur before the major players could be taken out. This series of events is so much better. We’ve been teased for a while now about the true nature of Ymir and Krista, and although this is quite a reveal it poses several more questions. What exactly is the language on the tin can that she can read but Reiner can’t? Perhaps it is something older, or foreign. Now that we know she is capable of turning in to a titan there is a lot of speculation on what that could mean, and even more focus on Krista. Unlike Annie, these two seem to be quite benevolent, willing to fight for the lives of their comrades in the Scout Regiment.

Episode Score
8.9/10 (Very Good)

Moar titans plz.

Extra thoughts:

  • This series has a great ability to make you think you’re learning something new while not really answering the question and creating several more in the process. JJ Abrams would be proud.
  • This is no time to be thinking about marriage! Although… it is probably keeping the blood away from his arm. *cough*
  • The beast titan is impressively menacing in its few moments of screen time here, with that yell and the potential strategic efforts that we can only assume came from it.
  • Deaths this episode: 4

Next time: “Historia”


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