Dragon Ball Super 86

It’s the moment so many have been waiting for. What has Android No. 17 been up to all these years, and will he fight to save the universe?

“Fists Cross for the First Time! Android No. 17 vs Son Goku!!”

Who knew that thing could fly? Dende is technically God of Earth after all, so it doesn’t seem all that far fetched. But it really just felt like an excuse to let them talk for a minute instead of Goku just instant transmissioning right over to No. 17. Clearly this arc needs all the expansion it can get if the fight is just going to be a quick battle royale. The only major flaw with this method is that we definitely already know who the team is going to be and there is no suspense in the recruitment. No. 17 will be on the team, even if he says no.

And he says no. Looks like No. 17 has become the super good-guy since the Cell saga, with the most good-guy job hunting poachers and a family with a wife and three children – two of which are adopted! Doesn’t get much gooder than that, right? Although it is rather over the top, I think the stoic, intense good guy is an interesting character archetype. He is essentially Goku’s non-evil opposite. So of course they have to fight. This might be one of the most visually exciting fights in recent memory, with the setting sun over the water framing a pretty well choreographed affair. No. 17 seems smart and agile, and definitely a lot stronger than he ever was.

The final moments of this episode tease the next adventure with No. 17 and Goku teaming up. If this kind of thing didn’t happen all the time, I would probably call out the arrival of the perfect unifying enemy looking to disrupt exactly what the character in question for the episode wants to protect as far too coincidental, but whatever. This is Dragon Ball Super after all. If Krillin can beat Gohan, I’m willing to believe anything.

Episode Score
8.2/10 (Very Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 86 - Goku vs 17

Extra thoughts:

  • I can only assume that the kid they’re talking about is Uub, the human reincarnation of Kid Buu. It’s correct that he would be quite young at this point, considering the concluding arc of Dragon Ball Z was 10 years later.
  • That’s one intense poacher army. They must be subscribing to the Jurassic Park method of poaching – bring all the guns. This world does have dinosaurs.
  • No forest here to damage, just a bunch of fish to disintegrate. That dolphin looks pissed.

Next time: “Hunt the Poachers! Goku and No. 17’s United Front!!”


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