Attack on Titan 28

The Scout Regiment is in search of a hole that might not even be there. A character of great importance lurks within the 104th yet again.


Everything that was assumed at the end of the previous episode is kind of confirmed here. I say kind of because this series is great at never truly giving you an answer – and that seems to still be working just fine. This time it’s Connie and his village, in which that underdeveloped titan stuck in his house is most definitely his mom. That realization puts the rest of the episode on an odd and kind of redundant trajectory as we already know then that the titans did not break through the wall. Watching them look for a hole for 20 minutes is far less exciting than if we still did not know.

The biggest reveals of this episode revolve once again around the priest and his knowledge of the wall. Clearly we already know that the walls are made of titans, so that wasn’t much of a surprise, but the information he does give up is quite interesting. There is a girl, small and blonde, within the Scout Regiment that is of vital importance and may be able to answer some of their questions. Well that sounds like Krista Lenz, doesn’t it? Armin is right on the nose with her description, she is the cutest of the bunch – and I’m glad it seems she’ll have a big part going forward. Reiner seems pretty suspicious of Ymir and Krista due to some object that looks to be associated with the wall church – but there’s no time for that. The titans attack.

These aren’t just any regular titans either. Them’s be night titans. An odd departure from the norm for sure, but there have been a lot of strange things going on since the appearance of the beast titan. The view we get of it this week has it climbing the wall, as it seems to be retreating back to wherever it came from with the gear it took in the premiere. Having these new titans appear on the inside of the wall is definitely an ample distraction for what seems to be the master plan of this beast. But then again you would think the titans already know about the 3D maneuvering gear, considering Annie had one for a while. It could be a while before we figure it all out, but it would be nice to see where the abnormal titans gather.

Episode Score
7.9/10 (Good)

Attack on Titan - 28 - Weak Spot

Extra thoughts:

  • The occasional obvious CGI bits are still painfully jarring in context with the other absolutely fantastic bits of animation. It seems like an odd corner to cut every time it happens – but it isn’t unforgivable.
  • Next episode looks like it could be action heavy, with this outing’s insert action scene looking fantastic but only giving us a few seconds of over-the-top fun.
  • Oh god yes Hange gave Sasha a potato. There is no better reward.
  • The basement secret is teased yet again in this episode, but we know better. That secret will never be revea- wait what? The manga just recently revealed the basement secret!? Anything is possible. #nospoilers

Next time: “Soldier”


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