Dragon Ball Super 85

The recruitment continues as Goku and Goku travel to find the strongest warriors, plus a cool new appearance for Buu.

“The Universes Begin to Make Their Moves – Their Individual Motives”

Damn they’re really dragging this No. 17 tease out for as long as they can. It looks like the next episode will be a major focus on his return, but for now we get a little more depth from the other universes. Everybody seems to be meeting up to discuss the situation while leaving Universe 7 (Goku’s) out of it. It is brought up that Goku did kind of give them at least a fighting chance though, as Zen-oh was just going to erase most of the weaker universes anyway. Kind of discounting the possibilities beyond raw power in each universe, but we all know what this series is about. Fighting! Woo.

So who does this episode manage to recruit for the Universe 7 team? Well, Buu again, but he’s looking good – absolutely ripped as it were. It’s a little sudden, but Buu is known to change it up on a dime. The throwback to the much cooler and menacing versions of his character has been greatly needed, and it’s finally here. As for Gohan, he heads out to find Piccolo, who seems to be eager to train Gohan back in to shape. I mean yeah, he’s weak, but he is still a super saiyan. Piccolo might have gotten up to around that level at some point, but really, what can he do? Fortunately, he is a great teacher and a smart fighter.

The deeper look in to Universe 11 and their Pride Troopers (great name) is a lot of fun. Quite an interesting change of style looking in to Toppo’s position as leader and how their rather organized set-up works in comparison to Universe 7’s haphazard heroes. This devolves rather quickly though in to a hilarious version of the good guy Ginyu Squad. I feel like Gohan would fit right in with them. Once again, looking forward to next time with the return of No. 17 after so long. These episodes are managing to put quite a bit of visual entertainment and purpose in to each little bit of the story, so they don’t feel entirely like a waste of time. Keeping it fun and exciting is what Super really needs to do, and it’s doing it quite well.

Episode Score
7.3/10 (Good)

Dragon Ball Super - 85 - Fit Buu Spar

Extra thoughts:
– I thought Piccolo was a full time babysitter now.
– Fit Buu is super cool.
– How many properties of Mr. Satan can this show wreck?
– Goku should really be beyond learning lessons at this point.
– Dyspo looks like the same race as Beerus. Hmm.
– The Pride Troopers are the good guy Ginyu Squad.
– Erasure of the universe doesn’t sound very comforting…
– Namekians do age at a slower rate, right? Dende is quite young.

Next time: “Fists Cross for the First Time! Android No. 17 vs Son Goku!!”


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