Attack on Titan 27

Sasha and Connie return home, but with titans on the loose what exactly do they expect to find? The worst is always a good place to start.

“I’m Home”

We get a little bit of Eren and Mikasa here, accompanied by Levi, Hange, and Nick the wall-priest. They comment that it’s an odd arrangement of characters, but it seems far less so for us knowing that they are all main characters. The silence from the priest is wonderful in its own way, eliciting a frustration in us just as much as it is in the main cast. What could there be beyond human kind as they know it for him to think worth keeping a secret? It’s clearly not his life he’s worried about, so it must be quite dire.

The big moments of this episode are with Sasha. Not only do we get some amazing action as she fights off the creepily small titan, there is a significant amount of backstory in to her origins as well. She might be embarrassed about how her family speaks, but she’s still proud of where she comes from. The almost animal qualities Sasha displays in her love for food still weird me out, so fortunately its plays quite well on the edge of realism and comedy. It can be hard to see the humor in this show sometimes, but it is there, in the darkness. The music is also a stand-out participant in these scenes, with some memorable themes from the first season returning in powerful moments.

With Connie’s house destroyed and a rather under-developed titan occupying it, the possibilities for how the titans got inside the wall begin to narrow. Having read only one volume of the manga past the end of the first season’s material, I knew a few bits of information going in to this season, but we’re already starting to run up against things that are a mystery to me still. The emotion in this episode is in strong supply, even for a focus on side characters – let’s hope that transfers well to the main cast and their quest for answers. The series is standing up well in comparison to the first season, and I am yet to be dissapointed.

Episode Score
8.9/10 (Very Good)

Attack on Titan - 27 - Screw the Bow

Extra thoughts:
– Hey, maybe Eren will get to his baseme-… forgive me.
– Nick and Hange, best buds.
– CGI horses are still the only major visual flaw of this series.
– Oh no! Don’t enter another forest!
– Is this a bad time to bring up the logistics of the space within the walls?
– Spoiler alert (for there series’ math), there is plenty of room.
– The tiny titan is creepier than any other one.
– Krista Lenz is a light in the darkness.
Hiroyuki Sawano has mastered this type of viscerally emotional music.

Next time: “Southwestward”


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