Attack on Titan 26

Suit up in your 3D-maneuver gear and Scout Regiment uniform, it’s time to get back on this wild ride. The titans are more dangerous than ever.

A couple things before we get started here. As you can see, the title for this post is in English, as it’s western popularity is large enough that it seems only appropriate. It will still be tagged with Shingeki no Kyojin for search purposes! Also, the episode number is going to be a continuation of the first season’s episode numbering, as that seems to be the popular choice at the moment and the preview shows next time as “27”. Confusingly, Crunchyroll refers to it as Attack on Titan Season 2 26, which is just confusing. There will also be no first impressions, because come on, really? Now on to the episode!

“Beast Titan”

It doesn’t seem fair to criticize a series that has seen four years pass between installments for doing a recap, but it is completely fair when the recap was definitely of things we didn’t need recapped (names of people are the most useful details). Otherwise, the episode gets right back in where season 1 left off oh so long ago now – and this is definitely the Attack on Titan you remember. It’s still wonderfully over-the-top serious moments interspersed with dark comedy and the lightly teasing of information that may never be revealed to us. You can’t fault this episode for being more of the same, because that’s pretty much what was asked for.

Picking the plot back up, Wall Rose was recently breached and then sealed by Eren in his titan form, only to find out that there was a titan working from within the ranks of the Scout Regiment (survey corps still sounds cooler). With Annie, the female titan, incapacitated and captured, it’s time to figure out the secrets of the titans! Well not so fast, there will be plenty more secrets before there are answers. Why is the wall made out of titans? Why does the church know about this and not seem to care? Why are titans, who are essentially humans in bio-mecha suits, trying to destroy the rest of humanity? Who are all the poor idiots in the average titans? Stormtroopers? Why… ok I think you get the point. But this is what keeps us watching. The action is super cool, but it’s just an amazing way to get us from point to point. Let’s hope this season gets down to business with the answers.

Speaking of the action, the scenes here with Miche are exactly what we’ve been waiting four years for. When the Beast Titan throws that horse deliberately at him and speaks, this is what we’ve been waiting for. The full motion scenes looks fantastic (except for some CGI horse stuff) and the still shots are beautifully crafted. Some of the only drawbacks of this premiere are the OP and ED. That opening especially feels like just a poor homage to the original song that goes with everything. The new ending theme is quirky, but not horrible – while the visuals for both are just phenomenal. This season has a lot to prove very quickly, and it feels like this is a good step in the right direction. Can’t wait for 23 more episo- wait. What was that? There are only 12 episodes this season!? I’m sure that won’t upset anyone.

Episode Score
8.5/10 (Very Good)

Attack on Titan - 26 - Horse Projectile

Extra thoughts:
– Recapping the wrong things.
– I don’t remember nearly enough of these people.
– Is that a T-rex in the OP?
– It’s not looking good for Miche’s future. Or anybody’s, really.
– Dude, you really think she wants a new scarf?
– The action here does not disappoint.
– Can’t wait for Eren and the Beast Titan to talk it out over tea and biscuits.

Attack on Titan - 26 - 24 End of Miche

Next Episode: “I’m Home”


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