Gabriel DropOut 12 – Final Impressions

A great lesson to use the tools at your disposal to your advantage, even if it is just cuteness and otaku knowledge.

“Gabriel DropOut!”

For a mostly slice-of-life sitcom, this is what a finale should be. And in this style that means perfectly playing on the running gags and tropes that have been built up over the season. This episode might feature Gab and her sister heavily, but it takes its time to squeeze in some final jabs at the rest of the cast as well – most notably some amazing moments with the class president and Glasses-sensei. His career was validated in that short moment of happiness. Everything is also just so cute here, as it mostly has been up to this point.

Gabriel’s sister is as you would expect from a straight-laced archangel. She is essentially the antithesis of Gab in every way, and has the power to back up her commands. The fight that Gab puts up is rather fantastic, leading to some of the most hilariously insincere apologies and displays of affection. The fact that Gab pulled from her otaku knowledge and seriously played up the role of ‘cute little sister’ fit right in with her character. As mentioned above, the rest of the cast gets some great interaction with this ruse, until Satania bursts forth in all of her glory. Using the melon bread gag as the defeating blow for Gab’s sister is a great way to tie in likely the most popular character in this series for the fans. So in the end, everything is as it was in the beginning. And in this case, there’s really nothing wrong with that.

Episode Score
8.7/10 (Very Good)

Gabriel DropOut - 12 - Full Reversal

Extra thoughts:
– She can’t come to the human world if there isn’t one!
– Operation Little Sis Moe Moe
– Silence magic, works every time.
– So Raphi just carries around her bondage gear at all times.
– Noooo don’t change our Gab-chan!
– Never take away Satania’s melon bread.
– What was Raphi watching Satania do!?
– It’s so amazing that they pray to the heavenly skirt.

Final Impressions

This series thrived and suffered on its characters. From one perspective these are all cute and interesting plays on not too uncommon archetypes that carried quite well as they interacted with each other. The other side of the same coin is that they are all kind of the same. Each one features being the opposite of what they’re supposed to be, and it go tiring very quickly. That is until the later episodes of the season managed to open it up a little and really start playing on expectations. Greater inclusion of some of the side characters, like Tapris and the main cast’s family members, might have improved on the samey quality that is felt heavily early on, but it likely would have been to play up those opposite qualities. Fortunately, each of the characters is quite endearing and enjoyable in their own slightly varied ways to the point that enough development leveled the playing field for them in the end.

Will this ever get a continuation? Unlikely.

Gabriel DropOut - 12 - Satania Takes Over
But Satania deserves her own spin-off.

Overall, this series is a fun and light comedic fair that lacked consequence and ultimately won’t have much staying power in the long term, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it for what it is – cute slapstick.

Series Score
7.2/10 (Good)

(Rounded to 7 for MAL)

Gabriel DropOut - 12 - 23 True Gab Form
Keep on gaming, Gab.

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