Nyanko Days 12 – Final Impressions

And then they were all friends, and everything was OK.

“With My Cats”

Well isn’t this just so wonderfully heartwarming. I mean it would have been a dark turn for them not to find their owners, but who knows in this crazy world of ours. There are a number of cute interactions, and a kind of odd parallel to a kid embarrassing their mother, but otherwise this episode is just the obvious conclusion to last week’s attempt at a cliffhanger. Looks like everyone are friends now, so look forward to more cat shenanigans in the future? The production of this series can’t be much of a burden, that’s for sure.

Final Impressions

Add up a bunch of cute things that don’t really make any sense and what do you get? Something along these lines. It’s not the be-all and end-all of entertainment, but it is a fun little aside each week. In truth this might be an inspiration to watch more shorts based on 4-koma manga because of how digestible they are (don’t actually eat them). Either way, the memory of this series shall float away in to the ether until it possibly returns to do more cute cat things.

Series Score
N/A (Not Applicable)

That’s right, no score. This series is so short and inconsequential that these reviews were never meant to focus on the critical judgement of it. It’s just a bit of fun commentary on the absurdity of a 2-minute show about anthropomorphic cats.

Nyanko Days - 12 - 08 See You Next Time


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