Gabriel DropOut 11

It’s a special thing when eternal enemies finally break from their ways and unite for a greater good. In this episode, that greater good is melon bread.

“Fun Forever After…”

This episode might be the best combination of longer segments thus far in this series. Beyond being just the usual slice-of-life comedic antics, we actually get a bit of plot development – something I thought unlikely to see ever again. The character dynamics are also great here, as we get to focus on two of the best characters in the series (Gabriel is a close third now). First up is Satania and her eternal battle with the dog that always eats her melon bread. This is a fantastic example of taking a running gag that may have been getting a little stale (yeah I went there) and completely reinvigorating it with more purpose than it probably ever deserved. When the dog gets hauled off to the pound, Satania’s oddly caring heart takes over and she adopts it! D’awww forever after.

If only life were that easy though. Satania’s apartment, and all the others for that matter, don’t accept pets! It’s a nice touch that Gab immediately chimes in that she can’t unload the dog on her, because that was definitely going to be the first option. This leads to an impressive amount of development with Satania and Gab’s relationship. Probably the cutest thing so far in any show this season might be the fact that the extremely lazy Gab took on an extra shift at work *gasp* once she found out that the cafe guy owns Satania’s apartment building. So that’s why he doesn’t care how slow his cafe is. We’re not sure if Satania will ever know, but it tells us a lot about Gab’s true nature behind all those MMOs and microtransactions. A true angel at heart.

Speaking of true angels, Tap-chan makes her return to the human world. To balance out the more emotionally charged first half, this segment is mostly comic relief – and it really delivers. Having Tapris interested in computers as to ‘save’ Gab from the evils of online gaming and getting her back to work is wonderful. Plus it really plays to the fanbase of a series like this – namely all of those that identify strongly with Gab. Having Tapris suddenly know way too much about computers in kind of the wrong direction is a fantastic touch for an overly eager character. As for the takopa, a takoyoki party, it’s pretty much just a collection of cute Tapris reaction shots. How many cute, frustrated, and cutely frustrated faces can she string together in five minutes? I didn’t count, but it still wasn’t enough. But her visit isn’t completely personal – she comes bearing tidings of great joy. Gabriel’s older sister is on her way to visit, and judging by the reaction to that news, we can definitely look forward to something great.

Episode Score
8.9/10 (Very Good)

Summary: Satania’s heart grew three sizes this day, ending her feud with the bread-snatching dog, and Tapris comes back for another visit!

Gabriel DropOut - 11 - Power of the Internet
The internet is an exciting place.

Extra thoughts:
– Satania is my, nay, everyone’s hero. We don’t deserve her.
– Gabriel and Satania finally connect, through frivolous spending.
– This got melodramatic fast.
– Gotta bust your butt for microtransactions.
– A whole second day of work per week! Unfathomable.
– Heart. Melted.
– The return of Tapris!
– Schooled by a little kid.
– I use the PC by moving the hamster.
– The Tenma School of takoyaki must be for profit.


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