Nyanko Days 10 & 11

Being afraid of cats seems like a strange phobia, considering their docile, brooding, scheming nature. Oh. Well, time for a festival to keep our mind off it!

“Secrets and Tsundere”

Iketani Ran is now the main character of this series. I’m making it official right here. From episode 9 and here in episode 10 she shows more character and depth in four minutes than all of the other characters combined thus far. Oh and she’s a tsundere. But beyond that simple factor, she is popular yet insecure, competitive, smug, and afraid of cats! Not really sure what that cat was doing there in the middle of their marathon, other than the fact that they seemed to be running through the town’s streets for distance. But it brings up an odd issue. Are all the cats of this world anthropomorphic (and female)? Damn right some people might be afraid of cats if that is the case. Our protagonist, despite being painfully average, continues to be sweeter than a marshmallow-covered caramel apple. The way she handles the situation, and changes her opinion on Ran, is just way too cute. Way to go, show about cats, you actually made me care about the non-feline characters.


“Let’s Go to the Festival”

The cats finally meet! There is definitely a lot packed in to this episode pertaining to the festival and the interactions between Yuuko’s cats and Azumi’s little princess. Also, who takes their cats to a festival? I mean, I surely would, but you really shouldn’t follow my example. The other question is, why aren’t any of the cats wearing little yukata or kimono? Bit of a wasted opportunity their. So as expected, Azumi’s cat is a bit full of herself. It only takes getting lost in the crowd to humanize (wait… yeah sure whatever) her a little. Definitely plenty of cuteness at play here.


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