Dragon Ball Super 82

Goku is suddenly on the wrong side of justice. Can he keep Universe 7 in the running all by himself, and who will his team of warriors be?

Never Forgive Son Goku! Toppo the Warrior of Justice Intrudes!!

This fight made me feel like Zen-chan. Wow! This series has been improving significantly in this area for a while now, and it really shows. Of course some of the more distant and quickly passing frames have some questionable quality to them, but this is a weekly show with high demand. But more importantly, they’re keeping it fun. Toppo steps up as a warrior of justice in a way that paints Goku and the Universe 7 team in to a dark corner. They have become the targets of all who believe themselves to be good, and for good reason. Goku’s carelessness has finally proven disastrous for not just his own universe, but many others! In all likeliness, he’ll have to win the tournament for any chance at redemption.

The actual fight with Toppo parallels a lot of classics. He postures like a combination of the Ginyu Squad and the Great Saiyaman combined, and has the mouth to back it up. Beyond that, he is a rather agile fighter for a large frame and manages to get Goku in a few very familiar looking holds – but a hold is nothing for the power of the gods. Goku may be showing off a little too much here, but it could act as a warning for how powerful he could be in the tournament now that several universes will likely be targeting him. Having Goku as a distraction could lead to a lot of openings for other powerful members of his team to move in and clean house.

So with the exhibition matches finally concluded, it’s time to move on the the tournament proper. The stage is being constructed with some fancy CGI, and it’ll only take 40 Earth hours! This could lead to a couple of rather interesting recruitment episodes. With Gohan and Buu on lock for the big show that leaves seven spots to fill – and Vegeta is still in question. We of course know who the entire team will be, but how they come to join could¬†still be an interesting story. Most notably is the mysterious return of Android 17. Also, how will the far, far less powerful fighters like Krillin, Tien, and Master Roshi stack up against the competition? With a battle royale they might just be more useful than in a traditional tournament setting.

Episode Score
8.3/10 (Very Good)

Summary:¬†Toppo test’s Goku’s power and gets a little bit more than he bargained for, but he isn’t the strongest fighter of Universe 11. The tournament starts in 40 hours!

Dragon Ball Super - 82 - Intant Kamehameha

Extra thoughts:
– Goku embraces being the bad guy.
– I hope he’s a better Iron Fist than Marvel just treated us to.
– Gohan would think Toppo’s moves are cool.
– Instant transmission Kamehameha!
– Awww, I wanna see him pass his limit!
– I think we can guess who Jiren is.
– Whis is in a rather convenient position.
– I just want to know where Android 17 comes from…

Next time: “From the Universe 7 Representing Team! Who Are the Strongest Ten?!”


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