Masamune-kun no Revenge 11

Conflict and suspense abounds in the penultimate episode. Who will be the top prince of the festival, and will Aki even care?

“Snow White of the Yasaka Festival”

The rather simple backstory of Gasou Kanetsugu is revealed, and oh my is it ever dumb. He’s just doing it for the Adagaki family’s money through marriage and to boost the status of his own family, which brings up an awkward theme of this series so far. It’s good to be rich, fit, and attractive – personality be damned. Everyone lines up to confess their feelings to Aki despite her rather harsh persona, and a lot of people swoon over Masamune’s visual perfection – that or they just have him and Kojuurou as their one true pairing. This pairs up fantastically well with the idea that Aki is just some prize to be fought over in some kind of competition. More on that in a minute.

What this episode does do rather well is its comedic back-and-forth of the missing princes. Masamune just wants to get the day over with (and win his prize, ugh) like it’s just another cog in his plan, and it’s really the same for Kanetsugu. The personal guard of Aki’s have some great moments here too, especially when the kendo girl realizes she has become the evil she wished vanquished and Masamune exclaims “we’re entering a flashback now?” As for the kidnapping of Kanetsugu, it was pretty much immediately obvious that the old lady was Koiwai in costume. How could you fall for such a perfectly cliche trick? Thanks to both of these scenarios we got away from the cringe-factor that is Aki x Kanetsugu and the supreme cuckold that results from it. It wasn’t nonexistent, however, but seeing Masamune taking notes on good behavior added some nice levity to the situation.

Although the main plot of this episode is the missing princes, the true through-line in regards to the series as a whole is the independence of Adagaki Aki. She don’t need no prince to put on her play! In fact the story of Snow White barely even uses the prince. Doesn’t he just show up in the last minute to kiss her better? I don’t even think he needs a speaking role. But we can all see where this is going. With Kanetsugu missing and Aki left to do a play with no prince, somebody has to step in and save the day. Again, though, this doesn’t seem like something she’ll exactly appreciate. She seems set to do the show with no savior. In a similar manner, if Masamune wins the ‘right’ to dance with her at the bonfire after the festival, why would she agree? He’s been kind of a jerk and Kanetsugu still exists. It looks like we’re going to get him jumping in to be her true prince as a moment of realization that he is noble and kind after all (though he is not). It’ll be a tough sell, but it’s also tough not to cheer for the true love that will melt both of their cold hearts. And screw Kanetsugu.

Episode Score
8.5/10 (Positively Suspenseful)

Summary: Both of the princes are put out of commission by less than admirable means by the other side – but who needs a prince to be the best princess anyway?

Masamune-kun no Revenge - 11 - Extra Padding

Extra thoughts:
– Futaba clearly has a future in directing.
– Wait… Kojuurou likes Fujinomiya Neko!?
– There’s a difference between gaining favor and conditioning.
– Oh god it’s so simple. He’s just out for money.
– The festival theme is explosion! KonoSuba lives on.
– They straight up kidnapped him!?
– At least Koiwai was cunning about it.
– Good thing there was water there.
– For those who watch the OP each time, we know where this is going.


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